Friday, March 18, 2016

Fascinating Journey

Life should always be looked upon as a fascinating journey.  Sometimes the journey goes the way that you are steering.  Other times, not so much!  Surprises pop up and usually at unsuspecting times. Some of these can be good and some of them may be difficult to frame it as 'good.'  That is when one has to take control of the steering wheel and drive through some of the detours that we all must take now and then.  Plan on throttling full speed ahead.  The most essential thing to remember is to use the detours to learn valuable lessons on how to solve and work through future side adventures thrown into our paths.  Each and every journey needs to become an experience in our growing bank of knowledge.  History tends to repeat itself, even in our everyday life.

How else, except first hand, do we learn valuable life lessons.  Others can tell us from their own experiences or we may read about them from strangers in books.  The question here for all of us is, "Do we really sit up and pay attention and apply it to our own situation?"  I do not believe that I stand alone in saying that we all are guilty of thinking that it would never happen to us.

While recently scrolling through some reading material, I found some studies that stated being positive concerning events that happen to us is actually negative for the human brain.  This optimistic Sagittarian had to take a  discriminating look to read between the lines of what was being touted for all nay-sayer Nellies to wrap themselves around tightly and fully embrace.  And unfortunately, most of them are just plain too negative to move forward with anything else written in the articles.  The headline was all they could focus on and believe.

This is my blog and therefore I will state my own opinion which is to take what has been dealt to you (and some of it is not always happy or good or positive) and grieve with it, vent with it, talk about it with someone close to you and then put this 'happening/event' where it belongs and think of the ways that you can use the memory of it to go forward.  It becomes an experience in your life.  These side trips should be giving us the strength and courage to pick ourselves up and begin again.  We all have so much more to learn.  Allow life to always be a daring adventure.

Side-note:  Beginning today, my blogs will be updated three times a week.  My goal is to write one each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Also, very soon, I will be including now and then some little teasers from the novel that I am writing and welcome any feedback at any time from any body.  I have a very strong "marketing advisor" who is leading the way for me.  All I must do is to follow his advice to the letter.  He knows what he is doing!  And I thank him with all of my heart!  xxx    

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