Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Cooking is Good for the Soul

Yes, cooking is so very good for the soul, that is if the soul is feeling energetic and well.  Normally, both myself and my husband love to create new dishes, as well as embellish on some of the tried and true ones.  However, when one or the other or both are just a bit under the weather, it is hard to get your heart, body and soul to cooperate.

We have even been told that we should open our own restaurant with our signature dishes.  You see, one of us is very Southern while the other one is very British.  So the name that was suggested for our restaurant, should we ever decide to head in that direction should be The Brit and The Belle.

Now I daresay, it would be a major undertaking.  And just by how hard it was to come up with a meal for last night and now tonight?  Not sure that a restaurant business is in our future.  : )  Although, I have been told of a locally owned nearby restaurant where by the owner only opens on days he feels like cooking.  Not so sure how long that will remain open and solvent.

So, for all of you working or not working outside of the home, I know that you have to know the angst that I am going through on what to do for dinner.  Most people have shared with me that they have these feelings quite frequently.  Perhaps, I should consider myself quite lucky because my soulmate and I do not have this problem very often.

Today will just have to be a very short blog due to several reasons.  One is that I have to do a little cookbook research plus check out freezer, fridge and pantry for what dinner could possibly be and then on another end, we are in the middle of a pretty severe thunderstorm and I really do not like being on the computer  by the window during this kind of storm.  So forgive me today.  I will try to make up for it on Friday and be a bit more creative.  Definitely....keeping it simple tonight.

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