Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Do Positive

The background noise is deafening!  All I can hear is, "Oh, no! Here she goes again with that Think Positive stuff."  Well, here is my little secret...I know who you are.  How, you may ask?  It shows in your words and your comments, plus your outlook on life in general.  I try to overlook it most of the time.  You may not want my sympathy, yet I can't help but to feel sorry for you.  No one can live a positive life with a negative mind.  

For anyone who asks themselves why positive thinking doesn't work for them, I am about to give you some insight as to why. Positive thinking evokes more energy, more initiative and more happiness than you could ever imagine, if you give it a chance. Things won't get better unless you think better!

Sound simple?  It is, yet it requires a little more information for you to understand it all.  Let's start with positive visualization.  It is a known and proven fact that outcomes really do improve by doing this.  Some people take this way too literally.  You ask the universe for something, you visualize it daily, staying positive and NOTHING!  There is a reason for this. Nothing will ever happen that way.  

We have to be a bit more pragmatic.  Being happy and upbeat is most definitely  better than being miserable and pessimistic.  That fact alone is a good thing going on in your life.  Plus, you are a lot more fun to be around.  Being positive has all kinds of implications on our bodies, souls and minds.  

This is nothing magical.  It is the starting point of getting to where you want to go.  It makes me think of what computer nerds say all the time:  "Garbage in; garbage out."  This simply means for them that if you put in a bad code or data that you should not expect good results.  Makes perfect sense in that scenario so why not think about it on another level.  YOUR thinking.  If you are telling yourself that you are going to fail, that you don't deserve this, that there is no point to even bother, then you  are putting the garbage in and all you are going to get back is garbage.

If on the other hand, you are putting in positive thoughts and programming your brain to think in that kind of mindset, then you are ready for the next step.  The ACTION, which is the daily learning and practice and training to get where you want to be.  You must believe in yourself and know that you must make a total emotional investment in yourself.  It truly does take a lot of work for people who have been on the negative side of the fence for a long time.  Practicing having happy thoughts to change our moods is what must happen first.

The big secret here is that there is no big secret.  If you are willing to change your thought process and then set a goal, small ones leading to the big one, then you are ready for the action part.  If you aren't willing to act, you aren't going to get the results that you desire.  It boils down to cause and effect (no action, no result)!

Never would I rule out the chances that luck could come your way, just as I would not rule out that you will win the Lottery tomorrow. Yes, you can think positive, yes, you can visualize that.  Millions of people can.  Does it happen?  It does, just by the fall of little ping pong balls.  I think that I would rather go with the odds of knowing what I want, believing in it so badly that I won't let anything stand in my way of achieving it and working toward that goal.

Let me try putting it in simple terms that helped me see the light. First of all, the major problem most people have is the lack of action.  You can have results without positive thinking and visualization, it is true.  You can't have results without action.  And when you put all three together?  You can achieve just about anything that you desire.  

It is all about getting positive and getting to work.  If you want to get your body in shape and fit into those skinny jeans then it will take work which does not involve shoving cookies and candy into your mouth.  The grunt work becomes bearable when you focus on the positive outcome, remaining happy and visualizing what you want to see in a realistic time frame.  This is just one example.  You can take on any circumstance and make it happen.  Just don't get caught up in the how it is going to happen.  Your goal is to think positive, visualize and work towards making it happen for yourself. Just let it be.  

Maybe it would help those having trouble with the 'Think Positive' concept is to move to the concept of DO positive and focus on the right things to take action.  Skeptical people need to fumigate the negativity within themselves and plan on positive outcomes through their positive thinking and doing.  

Let's touch on reality.  Reality bites.  Be sure to remain realistic in working toward your goals.  Athletes do not visualize themselves standing on a podium waving the trophy to the crowd, rather they see themselves performing well at their events.  Visualize your training and learning processes.  This is what will motivate the action.  

Summarizing takes us to our mindset, then daily practice and learning and last but not least, the action.  You have heard the expression about talking the talk but not walking the walk.  There must be both.  Start with baby steps of getting your mind to focus on positive thoughts.  Then move on.  If you are already set in a positive tone then you know dreams are great, but you can only expect something to happen when you act on it to become a reality. Positive building blocks will help you become the architect of your dreams.

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