Monday, April 24, 2017

Who Knew?

When I sit down and actually think about it, who knew that in 2017 we would be where we are with the technology available to us. I am going to take you back to 1986 when my son was in the first grade. His school had jumped on the computer bandwagon with the Commodore 64 series and gave the teachers and staff a training course of how to send messages, as well as sending in the attendance and lunch counts, all computerized.

It was all new. As far as many of the older teachers, it was mad science and they hoped it would go away soon. They were even fearful of it. It was at that time that my son shared with his teacher of how to accomplish what she needed to do. He was fascinated by computers and we had the very same computer at home. She gave him the job of taking care of what needed to be sent via the computer. I wish that she were around today to know that he graduated summa cum laude from Tulane with degrees in Computer Science and Computer Technology. Yes, I am very proud of him. 

What is quite comical is that throughout the years, he would find out that as computers became used more and more in the schools, that I was the one that the grade levels or the school, designated as the "go-to" person for help on the computer. Actually, that let him know just how low the skills of others were if I was considered and named the actual expert. He was not putting me down. It was the truth, however, I at least went to the workshop trainings and tried my best to learn and I took very good notes. Usually, if you showed me and let me do it hands on, I could learn it and show others. Many of the others did not care to learn it. Did they think it was just going away?

In fact, no, it did not go away, as we all are aware. Technology just keeps getting into every aspect of our lives. Usually for the better. One does need to be careful and have the ability to shut down when it is time. When I see people walking with their heads bowed down looking on their hand-held phones, as they trip through parking lots, as well as almost being hit by cars, I am amazed. Look around in a restaurant and just see how many are not carrying on conversations with their dinner partner because they are too busy with their smart phones. Not very smart, if you ask me.  

One thing is for sure. I do love my Google. It is instant information right before you can say, "Jack Rabbit!" One must be careful to be sure that the information is correct. Just because it is on the Internet, does not make it factual, contrary to many people who buy into this concept. It is quite handy to check out a score of a favorite team or settle a discussion about how old Paul McCartney is or who was the artist of a particular song. This kind of information is usually standard. 

With the Apple watch, FitBit or one of the dozens of other fitness devices, you can have your steps counted, the intensity of your workout, your sleep times and patterns, your calories in and out and good golly, Ms. Molly, even your moods and mindfulness. All computerized just for your knowledge on how to become healthier. 

So much technology is not a bad thing. Just being aware of when and how to use it to your advantage is what we all need to work on. Think of it this way. Technology supposedly can cause cancer and it can also help in curing cancer. It is not a case of is it good or bad, more of a case of how you choose to use it. 

Be wise! In my own opinion, it is a case of moderation. Isn't that what most things are about? I have met parents that let their toddlers have no time on the computer or IPad/tablet, etc.  As well as those who use it as a total babysitter. Neither is a wise thing to do. That child who has never been exposed to technology with hands on learning will be so far behind his classmates that I worry about his self-confidence. All of tests and many skills are completed on the computer. Likewise, if a child is on the internet constantly, he will not have socialization skills or develop other interests such as sports or the arts. MODERATION - key word. I will end in this quote which I feel sums it up quite nicely. "Everything in moderation, including moderation." 
Oscar Wilde


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