Friday, June 9, 2017


There are many times that I am asked how do I decide what I will write about in my blogs. All I can tell you is that there is no rhyme nor reason to my subjects that I write about. My mind is constantly whirling and swirling. Sometimes it stops for a brief moment; this is when I say to myself that is it! Once again, my mind starts whirling, only now it is whirling in a specific direction - a specific subject that I will write on for the day.

Our eldest granddaughter (soon to be 5) called me to ask if she could Face Time me later that evening so that she could show me her "beautifulness." I am not sure that I even had heard that word before, however, I loved it. What she happened to be talking about was that she and her Momma had been out shopping for make-up that she would need for her upcoming Dance Recital. 

In this little 5 year old's mind, she would have on this make-up to show her beautifulness on stage. When I told her that she was already beautiful, she quickly said, "Oh Lola, I know that. This will be for a special day."

My heart was filled with such joy that her Momma, my daughter, had given her such a powerful self esteem and the knowledge that it takes so much more to have beautifulness. It comes from within your very soul and make-up tips can only help with a touch of physical beauty. 

In the dictionary the word beautifulness is a noun that refers to a pleasing appearance and has the perfection of form or noble and spiritual qualities. In Hungry Hearts by Anzia Yezierska the quote of, "Nothing can hurt me no more--and you always stood out to me in my dreams as the angel from love and beautifulness." All things are beautiful if you love them, therefore the age old saying of "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" only has a deeper meaning."

To have beautifulness inside and out is to attend to your outer beauty by all means. Let's not forget what goes on inside that flows outwardly to others. Little things mean a lot such as:

  • empathy
  • kindness
  • smiling
  • listening
  • positivity
  • goal setting
  • gratefulness
Character and appearance together will create a beautifulness.  Thank you,Bailey Grace, for teaching your Lola a new word. This word goes on my list of favorite words. Are writers the only ones that actually make a list of favorite words? It sounds rather nerdy. That does not bother me one little bit. These are special words that have special meanings to me. Everyone should start their own list.

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