Sunday, August 26, 2018

Change Is the Only Constant

"Change is the only constant," was true when Heraditus said it back in 500 B.C. and it is just as true now. It is totally impossible to avoid. It is a gigantic part of how we experience life. Once we accept that, it can make life much more pleasant. What I have noticed is that for people who thrive on planning out their lives, step by step, this acceptance does not come easy. 

For me, I think that I fall in the middle of the spectrum for planning out my life (as well as other events too). For me, this is good in that it makes it a bit easier to accept uncertainty as a part of life in general. This can be done with an open mind and practicing on how I will respond in knowing that I can't plan my way to everything. It takes lots of practice and patience to dance through the uncertainties that will try to take you down the road you are not sure about traveling.

Being a writer helps, in that it makes it easier to write about what is stressing me so that I can move on through it with a bit more grace. This is done with accepting that I truly feel stressed and that is okay, now what am I going to do about it?

Once I have it down on paper, I must allow myself time to digest what is stressing me, then I can begin to build on that. For example, it does stress me that my work on my novel is so painstakingly slow. It is not that writing is a hard task for me. It is simply the fact that I want it done yesterday. Novels don't write themselves overnight and our household has had some issues that have slowed me down. This is not an excuse, just reality. 

Now my job is to make a connection to what, when, where and how I am making my dream come true. Being a planner and thinking in my mind that I will work on this on these days, at this particular time just will not work. There are so many other things to consider. Connecting a sense of meaning to the challenges of finding the time to work on my novel helped me so very much. Write when I can. So simple when I look at it on paper now. It wasn't at one stage in my life. It was as if it were written in stone that these days and times are the only times that I could work on it and if something came up; then oh well and nothing was written. The important thing is just to write no matter the day, no matter the time. 

Instead of allowing interruptions in my writing times stress me out, I use them more as a destresser. Enjoy taking a time away, whether it is for an appointment or a social time with friends, just reach out and enjoy. Practice intentional kindness not only with others but towards yourself as well.

Finding the things that give me a moment of calmness and comfort help center and steady me. Because I have made a major commitment to myself to work on my health, I have decided to use my love of cooking to research new recipes that have the ingredients that I need in order to achieve my goal. This in turn has added to feeling less stressed and much more motivated in all things in my life. 

This is how I have dealt with making changes. Some of the changes that pop up may not be of my own making, yet by going through my processes of working through them has helped me to focus on possible positives that could come out of it. In other words write down what I should be grateful for instead of going down the negative route that will lead me no where fast. This just adds fuel to the fire of uncertainty. 

To make a long story short, I share with you Bonnie Clearwater's quote:

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