Sunday, September 16, 2018

Not Ever Enough Time

There are so many days that I can honestly say that there is not ever enough time in my day to accomplish what I want to do. Sometimes they are things that I NEED to do, not just want to do. Now that I am retired, my question to myself is how did I do what I did while working outside of the home. As a writer, I do consider myself working, just on my time. Maybe therein lies the problem. "My Time!" 

I do believe that time is our most precious resource. For myself, I had to come up with some ways to manage my time more effectively so that I can get all accomplished that are on my to do list each day. If I needed help, there certainly are enough self-help books out there to guide me. In my humble opinion, I do believe that I know what I have to do; I just must do it.

Today, I plan on sharing some of these ideas. Sometimes, we as human beings know the answers are deep down within us, and sometimes, me included, we just need to hear them enough to finally do something about them. That is just human nature.

  • Be consistent - make a goal and stick to it such as my goal to work out daily can be accomplished if I remain consistent and realistic...knowing my limitations and not trying to overdo it makes me more excited to get this worked in to my day and even motivates me.
  • Social media is right at my fingertips all during my work on the computer while writing. Pick the times that it is okay to go and check e-mail, FB, Twitter and stick to those guidelines. My attention sometimes had rather go to the fun stuff instead of work. Even though I love writing, there are times when I get writer's block and it is so much easier to go scrolling on FB or to see what is in my e-mail that is more interesting.
  • Always have a never ending supply of water to keep myself hydrated. Eating has become easier now that I know when my body should be fueled and weekly grocery shopping takes care of getting what I need to make it easy to throw something nutritious together. 
  • Check my personal calendar so that I am sure about which days will have interruptions. These "interruptions" are most definitely the highlight of being retired and not having to ask to take off to go to the doctor or dentist. The most important thing about interruptions for me is that so many of them are simply fun, fun, fun! Luncheons with friends, manicures/pedicures/facials/hairdressers scheduled in the middle of the day while the rest of my former world is locked away inside four walls. My husband and I no longer shop on the weekends when the crowds are out. NOPE. So much easier and less crowded during the week. This goes for hitting the movies for a matinee, also.
  • Choose what brings meaning to my day. Really, this is just another way of telling me to prioritize my to do list. Some days this may mean to put the easy things on the top of my list, while other days get the hardest task out of the way so that it does not become the monkey on my back.
  • When sitting down for my mindset part of my morning before I start anything, focus in on my positive mantra to share on FB. This is how my attitude gets put in a good place. It is proven that the brain can't focus on both negativity and positivity at the same time. Practicing gratitude and being positive activates my brain to move forward. For me, it is like taking a "happy pill," only more natural.

In my own mind, all of what I am doing to help me increase my time on tasks are simply put: creating better habits. Using the words 'simply put' is sort of an oxymoron. It takes work to follow through on my techniques. 

If you went in a bookstore, you would find books with many more ideas. They tell you that if you buy and read the book, they will unlock the secrets for you to manage your time better. For me, that was just a bit overwhelming. I need the KISS approach. Keep it simple, stupid in order to help reduce stress and achieve my goals. It is an essential life skill.


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