Saturday, December 21, 2019

Christmas Cheer

Spreading Christmas cheer is just a huge part of the month of December. For me, it really begins as soon as Thanksgiving is over. At least the decorating part does. My shopping started way before. I sort of keep my eyes and ears open all year for little gifts that may delight someone special. I know that the holidays should not be all about the presents, but I can't help it. I love seeing the faces of those opening something that I chose for them. Seeing their surprised faces is so rewarding. On top of that, I adore wrapping the presents. And, I developed my own plan so that I am not overwhelmed with wrapping our large family gifts all at once. I wrap as the gifts arrive or I go out to purchase them. 

I must admit that I am not one for going out to the big sales, hunting for a parking spot, going in and out of the cold or rain, dealing with crowds, etc. It is so much easier to shop on line and have it delivered. I know! This takes away from the brick and mortar businesses. We all must do what works for us and this is what works for me. Standing in long lines or trying to find a sales clerk to help me find what I need just is not my cup of tea. 

Christmas parties with friends is always a nice thing to do on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. It truly is a special feeling to be invited to a friend's home for the celebration of Christmas. Especially if it is not an ugly sweater get together. We would not be able to go to one of those. I have sworn to Santa and all of his elves and reindeer that I will never, ever wear one of those.

Even going to The Grand Peabody Hotel with the beautiful Christmas tree in the Lobby, as well as the ducks swimming in the fountain and the Gingerbread Village baked and decorated by their Award Winning Pastry Chef, Konrad Spitzbart, in Chez Phillippe Restaurant. Steve and I now have a tradition to go to The Peabody between our two December birthdays for their High Tea. Such a delightful way to get into the spirit of Christmas.
Peabody Lobby Tree

The pastry dessert course in three tiers at The Peabody High Tea.

Our own decorations are quite fun to get out and place around the house. I am always happy when a stored box of ornaments and decorations or the tree does not have a spider lurking around, much less something else. We tried so hard to get our goldendoodles to sit nicely in front of the tree but they would have no part of it. They did it their own way.

Okay, okay, so our lights are Christmasy and we love them. They actually make little moving green and red lights on our walls, ceilings and floors in the front rooms of our home. Below, is a neighbor's home! What can I say? They truly love to decorate and go for it. I believe that each year they add something else. Amazing!

There is one thing about Christmas that I for one must be aware of. NOT to overeat. Since going on my lifestyle plan of Keto, there are many ways that I can work on keeping the carbs low. I won't be in my 20 - 50 range, that is for sure. Nor should I! Yet, I will allow myself to try a little of this and that, just because Christmas comes but once a year. I always make sure that it is quality calories. Many of our traditional food is low carb. Lucky me! So I do not feel left out. I will splurge and have a small bit of jalapeno cheese grits and for sure a bite of cornbread dressing and one of Steve's roasted potatoes.

 I am making Keto pecan pie and will find out if anyone notices. I know it is not the 100,000 calories of the Nutella pie, but it is satisfying. I always have ice cream so that the little ones (and some big ones) can make their own sundae.

Whatever gets you into the spirit of your holidays, go for it. I love a little mistletoe somewhere in our home, not that we need that to steal a kiss, just keeping in the spirit. With that being said, there is probably not a chance that we will have a white Christmas here in Memphis. I have seen my share and they are magical, especially if you don't have to go anywhere. The very best one of all for me was when my family met up in Colorado with my brother's family and just as we were all finished with breakfast and ready to open gifts, snowflakes started falling in the Rockies. Of course, there was already very deep snow, but each flake was just so beautiful to see on this very special day. The Ski Resort was closed so we were not going out anywhere. That really made me feel calmer and at peace.

So go ahead and have yourself a Merry Little Christmas now!

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