Sunday, May 10, 2020

Compassionate Gratitudes

Genuine compassion comes in many forms. You can't always fix someone's problems. What is even more helpful in my mind is to just be there for them to talk to. Once someone is ready to move on there is a way to help them think of one good thing happening in their lives right now. Many times it is the smallest thing of all that turns out to be the most important. It is crucial to practice acceptance and acknowledgement of why you or your friend feel the way you do. It is normal behavior. When it takes a wrong turn, is when someone can't get over it. A good question to ask yourself or another, "Is it helpful for you to feel this way?" If the answer if yes then you may not be ready just yet to move on. In time, hopefully not too long, we come to the realization that we are ready. 

Through Whole Hearted School Counseling I found a wonderful way to express gratitudes that I am always writing about. It is a list of prompts. Some people seem to write better if they are given something specific, so I thought that I would share these this week in my blog. I am going out on a limb and put specifically what my gratitudes are on this prompt page. There really is no wrong answer. It is all about YOU!

A strength of mine for which I am grateful is my optimism.

Something that money can't buy that I am grateful for is my family.

Something that comforts me that I am grateful for is Davis and Maggie Mae.

Something that is funny for which I am grateful for is watching some of the amazingly creative YouTube videos to help bring me up a notch from the news of the pandemic, such as SGN with John Krazanski.

Something in nature that I am grateful for is our beautiful flowering garden.

A memory that I am grateful for is for my Mamaw showing me how to cook. 

Something that changes that I am grateful for are the four seasons.

A challenge  that I am grateful for is to be a published author.
Something interesting that I am grateful for is the possibility of unicorns among us.

Something beautiful that I am grateful for is the chance to see a rainbow.

There were so many things that I could have substituted. We just need to be attune to them and in trying to do this in "normal" times can be difficult, much less what we are going through now in 2020. I found a quote that was inspiring to me by Deepak Chopra: "In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you."  For me, this is telling myself that I am not willing to give up my joy to FEAR. Experience some creative activities to make you happy. Happy people aren't always creative, however being creative can make you happy. 

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