Sunday, March 21, 2021


 Just about this time last year our lives as we knew them were turned upside down with the Coronavirus. Word was getting out quickly that we needed to go into shutdown mode. In the United States, we had watched other countries begin going through this but now it has hit home. Everyone was in a state of shock. Businesses closed, schools closed and only the essential places such as grocery stores and pharmacies remained open. Only essential workers, such as health care, police, fire and medical personnel were going to work. Masks were being worn by some to avoid spreading the virus as well as getting the virus. There were no firm hard guidelines except from a wonderful doctor who kept being hushed by the leader of our country at that time. This leader refused to wear a mask and his followers did the same. Everyone had their own reasons and I am not here to judge. Many of those around him came down with the virus, as well as not only him but his family. The US had a multitude of scientists and doctors who were warning us about what to do and not to do. (This is where I am going to put my two cents in and tell you my favorite doctor of all was and still is Dr. Fauci.) Not enough people listened and the pandemic continued to grow. Deaths were inevitable, yet I am sure that the numbers in the US would not have been so high if we had all listened and followed the guidelines.

It was hard to explain why there was a shortage of toilet paper and paper towels. It was understandable about any product that was a disinfectant such as Lysol, Clorox, hand sanitizers, etc.  No one really knew what would be coming next.

Grocery delivery, curbside food pick up, drive thru pharmacies, virtual school with parents working at home many times along with their children on laptops. 

Let's skip forward some now. We have lived a year this way, slowly taking steps forward and the biggest step of all is the opening up of vaccinations and actually earlier than expected. There was a time when no one knew when one would be available and when it was available when the FDA would approve it. 

The vaccine was given to health care workers first and then the most vunerable, such as elderly and those with other health issues. Seemed only fair. 

The picture below is the very special documentation that my husband and I have received our first and second vaccination. It is so very important to hang on to this like you would your passport. In fact, there is talk of making an actual Vaccination Passport so that it would be easier when we travel.

There is now an overall feeling of happiness that a corner has been turned. The CDC put out guidelines that two weeks after the second vaccination, that family members who all had their shots could visit again without masks in their own homes. We have not seen our granddaughters in a year, except for waving at them in our garage while they were in the driveway or on Facetime. It just so happens that our two week period is up Easter weekend. Guess what we will be doing? Planning Easter with them. A small get together for a meal and an Easter Egg Hunt. This is our first positive step in the right direction.

Next on our list is to go to have a dinner or lunch out together or with friends (who have had their vaccines). If we keep numbers low we still plan on eating in an outside venue, as that is considered the safest. There must be social distancing from others in the public, however, we do not have to wear our masks with our family. Masks will probably be around for quite a while when out in public. Still, all in all, people are looking forward to getting back to some kind of normal socialization.

Guidelines need to be followed. There are people who do not want to take the vaccines. According to the research that I did one of the most common reasons is their misunderstanding about the side effects. Doctors tell us that if you have a reaction from the vaccine that for the most part it is mild and it means your immune system is responding to the vaccine. It means it is working. Not everyone has the side effects and so far it has not been proven but the medical experts believe that the difference of feeling sick and being sick is well worth it. There is no proof to date but they believe if you have the fever and fatigue with muscle aches you actually may have been hit hard with the virus. So rest up, nap and take good care of yourself. It will only be for a couple of days. Doctors are not worried and hope to spread the word that if you had more symptoms than most then you just might have dodged the bullet. They are worried that some people won't take it and the pandemic will drag on longer.

As I looked about for travel, I noticed that countries are beginning to allow US visitors in if they have had their vaccines. Hawaii currently has a two week quarantine and a Covid test for visitors from the mainland. With the vaccine, they are considering opening up without the quarantine as long as you have your vaccine card and are willing to take the Covid test. Most all of Europe's borders remain closed to US travelers and Canada has remained firmly shut and has disallowed cruising through February 2022.

There is something that we all can do and should do. Read up on what are some of the best foods to eat before and after getting the vaccine. It simply involves making smart and thoughtful food choices, which is always a good idea. We all need to sooth the inflammatory immune response. Dr. Will Cole put out a list of some of the foods that will do just that.

  • Soups and stews made with bone broths. Not the kind of soup that comes from a can already made with lots of preservatives.
  • Broccoli - roasted or in a salad and maybe cooked with a little cheese melted on top. Green veggies all have high levels of antioxidants which help fight inflammation in the body.

  • Blueberries are good in so many ways but most of

  •  all they also fight inflammation. Another plus is

  •  that they help to balance your moods.

  • Green tea drinking not only helps aid your body at the cellular level with antioxidants but the ritual of drinking tea can also soothe the soul.

  • Garlic and onions help to feed the good bacteria in our stomach. A happy gut is a healthier gut. Amazingly dark chocolate is in this category.

  • Salmon is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which our body breaks down to help decrease inflammation. Wild salmon is the best kind vs. farm raised. All of the above foods, I can go for. I have tried salmon in many different recipes and there is not one that I have been able to eat. I so wish that I could.
The good news for me is that I started getting rid of most of the inflammation culprits a while ago. Sugar, refined flour, vegetable oils, artificial sweetners, and many dairy products are just a few. Switching to almond flour and lower carbohydrates was a smart choice for me. 

Missing important family gatherings through all of this was very disheartening. We all tried to make the best of it. Now we will get to enjoy Easter with two of our children and two granddaughters. Our New Orleans family will soon be getting their vaccines and then we will be able to travel to see them. Positive outlooks all around. Our fourth child is in a country that we can't even travel in yet. She is soon ready to have our fifth grandchild. It will be through pictures that we will have to see through Facebook and Facetime and we will. Neither one of us are ready to get on a jet to travel that distance with the general public just yet. We aren't even ready to go to inside dining just yet. 
Baby steps...when the time is right.🧡🧡

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