Sunday, August 29, 2021



It really is true. It is the little things that can make big changes in my life. Smiling, for instance. Most all of the time you can smile at a stranger and you will receive one back. In the times that we live in now (wearing masks due to Covid) we have learned more of how to read a smile through the eyes. I know that I feel better with a smile on my face rather than a frown. So I kicked that Debby Downer out of my life.

Some of the ways that I manage to do it I would like to share in my blog.

Finding my morning ritual. It can be alone or with someone. It starts my day off on the right foot. Becoming present and a wonderful way to begin my day. Quiet thoughts...usually quiet with my helpers not far away. They enjoy watching and listening to the birds with me. It does not matter whether we are at the front of the house looking out on the humming birds and song birds or if we go out to the screened in porch to start the day. It is our ritual. Sometimes I like to throw in some meditation or play my mindful app on my fitbit/phone. Slowing it down for the day is such a positive for me and I am lucky now that I am able to do this. Sometimes it could be a challenge if one has small children or a specific time to be at work. Still, I believe that with a little creativity, it is a doable project.

When starting a mundane task, such as the laundry, it always is better to have some music playing in the background. Music can be a wonderful way to perk up your spirits. Sing along, whether you are in the laundry room, or shower or in your car. Belt out a few songs from your playlist. And oh yes, make a playlist just for this purpose. Add in some of your favorites. I know for me I must have Bohemian Rhapsody, Andrea Bocelli, or the whole soundtrack of Mama Mia. Off key or will take your mood elevator up to the top floor.

As my day carries on, I must remind myself that it is not the end of the world if everything does not get checked off of my to do list and stop shifting negative thoughts toward myself. It is never ok to be a bully - even toward yourself.

Trying new things is a fun and creative way to keep my brain moving. Brain fog is not something that I want to hang around. Picking up my guitar to strum some songs that I remember playing, as well as going back and learning new ones. Playing The Rosetta Stone to practice a second language. It has been ages since I ever painted with water colors and acrylics. Now I even have my own special place with an easel and all of the tools I need for when it is time to reach for the artsy part of me.

Having a green thumb is not something that I lead the top of the class with, so I worked around it. I do love cooking with fresh herbs. My thoughtful and loving husband found a very special gift for me. An Aerogarden. They have all sizes to choose from and then you get to pick the type of herbs or veggies that you wish to grow. Trust me. There is no way to go wrong. Lights go on to tell me when to water, when to prune, when to add fertilizer and show me how to store the herbs while they continue to grow. 

There are so many other ways to work on positivity and happiness but I really want to end this blog on a  feel good note. I like to give a special someone in my life my undivided attention. Listen to them, while looking at them and not my phone or thinking about my to do list. For example, I have a very thoughtful daughter who calls me every day. Just to say hi or tell me something important that is going on in her life. Sometimes it may not be the most convenient time, however, there is nothing in my life that I could be doing that could not be put on hold while I give her my undivided attention. It gives me such a happy feeling and hopefully it lets her know how important she is to me. My husband and I know when it is our time together we sometimes take calls from our children. That is because now that we both are retired we actually have that ability to share our time more.

I like to find ways to connect with optimists on social media. I have learned how to scroll on down when the Nellie Negatives want to spout off. There are some people that seem to love to share that they were up at 5 and then go on to list all of the errands they did and accomplished and now it is 12 noon. Even if they were Wonder Woman, it is not happening, it didn't happen, so why would I read that junk? Much more impressive to connect to optimists on social media. 

One very special little thing that I love to do every so often is to place a cheery little love note to my husband somewhere he will least expect it. This seems to make him happy too. He can save them in a jar or use them as a bookmark. His choice, yet it is the little things that can make us all happy!

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