Sunday, January 29, 2023




There are many different ways that people view their birthdays. Reflecting on how the next 365 days should be and what I wish to achieve is a great way to view it, in my opinion. Celebrate living, even while I am aware of all the twists and turns that may come my way. Some for the good and some not so good. The trick of it all is to figure out how I can make the not so good work for me. It is not always an easy task. 

A birthday is the beginning of my finest chapters yet to come and I have no way of knowing how these chapters will reveal themselves to me. All I know is that I need to accept the challenges and keep my expectations high. Visualization is a powerful tool. I like to imagine myself doing something that can actually help me improve at whatever task that I am working on. Athletes do this; actors do this! Why not me?

Entering a new phase can be challenging and exciting. Learning to let go of the present and embracing the future is a good way of moving ahead. A birthday age is just a number. I don't feel any different. However, I am not one that wants to make a big deal of it. Steve and I had a promise to one another. NEVER have the waiters and waitresses come over to our table at a restaurant and sing Happy Birthday. As badly as I wanted to put out a certain number of pink flamingos in the front yard, I knew better. My birthday would come a few days later and there is no telling what the "pay back" would be. All in fun, of course. Just remember, I am the one who can't remember my real age. I have told so many different numbers that I don't know the real one any more. (I took after my Mamaw that way!) Birthdays are not about the particular number. They are about what a person has achieved and where they have grown and where they are headed. So who cares if I shave off ten years or or more? 

A birthday is so much more than just blowing out the candles on the cake.

Birthdays symbolize how far I have come. It is a day that is special and I will always be thankful for the actual celebration. I just want to remember that the most important days are the days that I take the time to reflect and be grateful for my achievements and to evaluate and set new goals for my new age - whatever it may be.

A birthday wish is as simple as blowing out the candles and that leads to another path to take in my life.  Reaching a new milestone is beginning again with a  sense of purpose using my wisdom and experience to move forward. A birthday is time to celebrate.


  1. D.J.,as I got older,I chose a tradition my parents had of 3 for yesterday,today,and tomorrow.It was a reminder as well to not count the years but make the years count.Yes,it is a time of reflection,celebration of life,and hopes and dreams of the tomorrows ahead counting my blessings,accepting what I cannot change but also be open to new interests and,when you light your birthday candles,be the light to shine on others,be appreciate and compassionate,and empathic to others.We both know not to take life for granted but to treasure each day.Linda S.

  2. Another wise and thought provoking piece. Thank you for sharing your hopeful messages with us!