Sunday, March 7, 2021



Even though in many people's mindset, we feel as if we are waiting for things to get back to normal. What is normal? Is there a normal to go back to after what the world has been going through. Most definitely it will be a carved out new normal based on what is scientifically safe. At least for most of us we will be setting what is normal for ourselves now. It is a matter of not just sitting on time and waiting.

Some of the statements that I have heard from others (which includes myself) are things such as:

"I am waiting for the right opportunity. I am waiting for the right time. I am waiting for all of this to be over so we can go back to how things were."

The real question is what have we been doing in the mean time? Time has not stopped.

Some of us have even used the excuse of we are waiting to start a healthy eating and work out program even though NOW would be the perfect time. Perhaps gyms are closed or maybe like me you just don't feel quite safe in gyms at this time. I don't have to wait for more people to get vaccinated or herd immunity. There are DVDs  with wonderful workouts available. Also, it is a perfect time to work on our cooking skills and this means looking up healthy foods to get on board for a life long program of good foods.

This is wasting precious time, like the Bob Marley song Waiting in Vain. Missing opportunities that are out there for us. By telling ourselves that once all of this is over, we will get back into a routine and back in shape. Meanwhile the COVID 19 has hit the scales. I will have double the work to lose what I may gain in pounds. Instead, I am going to choose a Grand Plan.

Using a fresh mindset helps. I am reevaluating my goals in life. Time is precious and yes I have been guilty of that 'waiting mindset.' It is a matter of doing things differently to accomplish my goals. It is a ready, set, go attitude. Simply getting started. No excuses only solutions.

Starting with a lifestyle of low carbs, which I know is good for me and a simple workout program with my Tai Chi DVD and I have a recumbent bike so what is my excuse? I have two low carb cookbooks and there is always google to find low carb recipes plus all the time in the world to prepare delicious meals with a great presentation. 

I am going to start somewhere because in reality no one will ever 'be totally ready.' There has to be some action!

I read somewhere that readines needs to be built up over time through progress and that can only happen with action. Nike had it right with their slogan of 


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