Friday, January 8, 2016

New at Blogging

Since I am so new at blogging, now is just my set up time.  It actually is more intimidating than I thought it would be.  On one hand it seems so simple and then boom --  out of the blue comes some words that may as well be Greek,  What does it mean that I will need an FTP path and username and password.  What the heck is an FTP?  Really now.  Start a beginner from the beginning. 

New Blog Page

Just learning how to have my own blog page and is a bit more intimidating than I had imagined.  Thank goodness, I do have some help that I can call on.  For now, I thought that I would just post getting started in my writing process.  I can tell you this.  Time flies when you are creative and having fun.  My brain seems to work too fast for my fingers at times.  Not always a bad thing.
So for now, let me see if my very first words made it to a blog page.  Next, I am planning on connecting to  This supposedly is where I should be writing and then sending to blogspot.  Not quite sure but I will continue and work my way through it all.