Sunday, March 18, 2018

A Hard Day's Night

Just the other day, we lost our power. There was no storm, wind or other acts of Mother Nature going on to explain it. The fact that it went off for 3  - 4 seconds and then returned to stay on about 3 - 4 seconds...doing this to tease us for about four to six times before going out for good. Hmmmm

My first thoughts was that it was good that we are now on Day Light Savings Time, as it would remain a bit lighter longer. (Especially since it was a rather overcast kind of day.) The time was around 4:15 P.M. Both of us thought about our dinner plans. If we can't cook or heat things up then it will be making a sandwich, which we could or ordering out. 

We thought that we might order out if nothing came back on. Meanwhile, as the clock was ticking, I noticed that it was getting a bit chilly, so I reached down to turn the little heater on by my feet. HA!
That was not thought out very well at all. Electric heater. Steve had a better idea, which was to turn the fire on, gas, of course! It would take some of the dampness out for a while. Thank goodness, it was not super cold; just that damp chill in the house. 

At this point, I decided to read some. It was a little gloomy in the room so I reached up to flip on the floor lamp. Just as I touched the knob, it dawned on me...electricity! Let's go to a much better idea. Candles and a flashlight, handy for when we needed them. I lit the candles right away. This gave off a wonderful fragrance and a touch of extra lighting.

After a bit of reading, I stood up and thought that it might be a great time to go back and touch up my hair. Oh wait! Electric curling iron, blow dryer or curlers...hummm!  As you must be getting the picture now, it had become a hard day's night! It is simply amazing how we get accustomed to what we have and when we lose it, the whole universe changes. (Maybe a bit of an exaggeration, you get it though, I know that you do.)

There are times like these that hit us all. Let me mention a few, some of which have actually happened to me and some just have not happened yet; therefore let me say, I am not making fun of anyone. We need to all be able to laugh at ourselves, as we really do live  A Hard Day's Night.

One friend filled her car up with gas, but then drove off with the gas hose in her car. Bless her, twice even, because she did it again just a few months later. The attendant inside actually told her not to worry, another woman did it a few months ago. Then there was a friend who in the dark searched her car with the flashlight app on her phone. What was she searching for? Her phone! She thought that she had dropped it. 

Have you ever been talking on your cell telling someone either with you in person or on the phone with you that you have lost your phone and are trying to find it? What about having glasses on the top of your head searching the house for them? Let me add that none of these people have the onset of dementia. It is just A Hard Day's Night.

We are living in 2018 and most of us are working like a dog and to top it off SHOULD be sleeping like a log, except all a bit sleep deprived. What we need to realize is that we need to support one another and know that when we find that special someone and arrive home; they will make us feel alright!

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