Monday, October 1, 2018

Sick Puppies

When my children seemed to be ill as young children, it was extremely stressful to know when it was time to call the pediatrician for an appointment. As a mom, you don't want to overreact, yet on the other hand you don't want to let something go that could lead into something more serious.

At least with a child, I had a bit of a history to base my decision on after a few visits to the doctor's office. One child would run a low grade fever, yet continued to play and no one would ever guess that he was ill. After two or three days of the fever, I would take him in, happy and smiling, only to be told that any other child would be crying if their ears or throat looked like his did. I would feel terrible. 

Then on the opposite side of the coin, was my drama queen daughter. I could not count the times that I took her in because she would act as if her ears or throat were hurting, yet it would rarely be any kind of infection. I learned to hold off on taking her in to see the doctor right away, unless I felt it was serious enough to be seen.

Now their children are  causing them the same worries, so it is something we all go through. The same can be said if you are a pet owner about when do you make the appointment and when do you wait it out? Our furbabies can't tell us how badly they hurt and where the pain is. 

This past week our puppy, Davis Miles, was not acting himself. He usually entertains us beyond belief or else is getting into some kind of mischief that puppies do get in to. 
This is why he has toys to help occupy his time when we are not able to play with him. However, it is not often that we find him lethargic and not interested in play.
When he did get up, he lost his breakfast on the floor. I won't go into details, let's just say a lot. Of course, it worried us but dogs, just as people get ill this way. Unless there is some other symptom that is worrisome, most of us will just keep an eye on them before jumping to conclusions. We did take up his food but left a bit of water for him. He just slept on the tile and only moved to the sofa to be close to us. His nose was still cold and moist. He was responsive to his name, just no interest in play. 

Later in the day he got sick again, but only a small amount. Made sense because he had nothing to eat. He did take small sips of water here and there; not his usual drink up the whole bowl at one time. We decided to call the next day if he was not better. He had a few sips of water and did do his business outside, which was a positive sign and then, without any food for the day, he threw up a little again. 

We called the vet the next day and got an appointment for him to be seen. We get there and he is acting like nothing is wrong. He is so excited, wagging his tail, jumping and bouncing around...making us look like we have lost our ever-loving minds. Thank goodness the vet knows Davis and us.

She checked him out and said his vitals are all good. It appears to be one of two things wrong. He either ate something that did not agree with him or he has a stomach virus, which animals get just like we do. She gave him an injection to calm his tummy and then gave us tablets to give him an hour before feeding him. We were to do that for three days. It worked! We surely were happy about that. Parents of furbabies are willing to pay the vet for her services and medicines when it all comes together and heals your baby.

Davis had two normal days of eating his food, playing catch, being his usual mischievious, loving self and went off to play with his friends at Doggie Day Care to help him use some of that puppy energy! He even took a dip in their pool with a friend

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