Monday, December 16, 2019


Maybe when you saw my title of this blog your mind went to another place. I needed to write this blog specifically for myself, which I suppose that is what I do each week. This was overwhelmingly what I had been feeling for about a week, maybe two. I needed to forgive myself for not accomplishing my to do list each day. Not only that, but to realize that I have that right and I need to exercise it when going through turbulent times.

My days and sometimes into the evenings have been jammed packed with 'stuff' to do. Add in there that  it is the holiday season and there is probably where the problem lies. This picture shows what I have been feeling like in my own mind:

Yes, usually you see a hamster or some other rodent riding in his little wheel within his cage. Because the fact that I can't stand hamsters, guinea pigs, mice or rats, I opted for a real human to represent me.

It seems that every event or circumstance the last few weeks have caused a series of more related events. I would have a planned out purpose of running errands and get in the car and, "Boom," the warning light of the car goes on and says a headlight is out. So add that on to the list of errands to stop by and sort out an appointment.(Let's not even get into the cost.) In other words, this is yet even another day to take care of an extra errand.

Insurance premium changes came in the mail which forces a long wait on the phone to speak to a human being, many times explaining it to one person and then being transferred to someone else to explain the situation all over again. Frustrating. It seemed to be something of this nature every single day. 

A policy that I started last year was to wrap presents as they were purchased. This is versus sitting down for part of several days to wrap forever...So, I have worked diligently on this and have kept up to speed with it all. I was not a happy camper if something had to be left to wrap for the next day. Why? It was on my to do list and by gosh, I wanted it done.

Two birthdays thrown in for good measure. And yes, fun, fun, fun! I would not change our plans for either one of our dinners out. Following that we were graciously invited to a Christmas soiree that we accepted. Would not have missed it for the world. The only other major thing to do that day was to get our youngest son to the airport for his American pilot training course. By the time I hold two bowls of dog food for our dogs to eat (and this is once in the morning and once at night), get them in and out for potty breaks, get dinner on in the crock pot, make a light brunch, take a moment to read the paper, check e mail, etc...the day is used up. Kaput!

Right here, right now, let me repeat. I have the right to forgive myself anytime I want. When I thought about what my Monday would bring, I had to remember this. YES, I do have the right to forgive myself for whatever I did not accomplish for the day. 

Monday and the start of a new week. I am going to slow it down. The weather brought a gray, gloomy and stormy day. It was time to forgive myself for not getting my Monday blog out earlier and probably cost me some readers. It is ok. I am so grateful that our two furbabies need us to help guide them to go out in the rainy weather, even when they really don't want to. This means it may take several times before they actual realize themselves that they had better go NOW. Neither one has had an accident and I know they do not want that to happen. I sure know that I don't want to return to those puppy days.

Also, on the to do list was to go back to the school where I taught and was the AP to read with my husband to two classrooms, the rooms where our granddaughter had been the year before and is in currently. What fun! Two fabulous teachers and two classrooms of amazing, polite students. As we walked the halls to the two rooms, we would get to see some of the staff that I worked with for all of those years. I am grateful to have the opportunity to take time out of my day (our day) to just enjoy and hopefully bring some joy and fun to those two rooms. 

All in all, things work out and if I can't cross off everything on my to do list, the world will not crumble. All is well!

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