Saturday, February 1, 2020

What Do I Try For My Motivation

Sometimes, I have to have a one on one talk with myself to get me motivated. I know that I am not the only one out there who need this so I thought that I would share some of my methods. Not one example works all of the time, that is why I have so many.

  • Create my own excitement. It may be playing with the dogs, watching children playing in a park, things that do not cost a penny. Things that you love to do just because...a walk around the neighborhood, flipping through a magazine for decorating ideas, planning a trip...
  • Being my true fierce self probably dates back to when I was little and liked to play dress up. Get up, dress stylishly comfortable, pile on the bangles and necklaces, big sunglasses with a large over-sized bag and just for the hell of it go to the dry cleaners or the grocery. I am always surprised how this gets me motivated to start in on my writing. Not sure of the psychological effects...just know it works for me.

  • It is important that I stay in the present, and live in the moment, forgetting about the past and stop fretting about what is or could be and how I want it to be with fresh ideas on how to possibly achieve it.

  • For inspiration, I know this works. Exercise can help me get out of the grumps and give me a reason to get motivated and move. Usually I have talked myself into a great, or at the least a good mood if I do this. Sometimes I need motivation to get me in our gym that is actually in our own home.

  •  I do have to talk my way through negative thoughts. Again it is a mindset, and I need ways to say ok to myself that it is all right to have this negative thought, just work on coming up with the ways to overcome it in a positive light. 

  • It is a way for me to give off good vibes. I have discovered for myself the more that I give off good vibes, the more that I receive in return. It is ok to give myself some time to vent (5 minutes?) and then move on. Get control! I must be my own cheerleader and realize what all I have to be grateful for.

  • It can be a good thing to every now and then reward my achievements. It can come in the form of a manicure/pedicure or facial or massage or a nap. DO it! Right now, I am hooked on loaded teas and meal replacement shakes from Wild Nutrition. It is a reward and a motivator for me to stop in and have one or a combo. Sort of gives me a kick start to my day. Plus, it is so healthy!

  • I learned that I should never compare myself to others. Every living thing has positive qualities. Focus on those! There will always be those who are less fortunate, as well as those who are more fortunate than I am. It is a matter of me being me and accepting that.

  • Taking time to go to see a movie, whether at the theater or at home, catching up on my reading or completing entries in my daily journal; all are motivators and mood stimulators for my brain and mindset. 

There are times that just rearranging a room, a shelf, or tidying up the Marie Kondo way is helpful to get me motivated. It adds a new touch and feel to my living space. 

  • Simple little smiley faces won't take all of my troubles away. I do know that worrying about troubles will not take it away either. It adds to double trouble. The Bobby McFerrin song of Don't Worry, Be Happy holds lots of merit. Worrying about something without planning some possible solutions is a dead end street. Even the tune to the song is uplifting to me. Music does that for me. The Pharrell Williams song Happy gives me the same upbeat spirit that spurs me along. Try to find some songs that may work for you. 
If you know where you are on your mood elevator, you take control of being able to go to a positive place. 

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