Sunday, May 17, 2020

Contingency Plans

Really in my thoughts, I was originally not going to write anything else that dealt with the pandemic. Eventually, I will. It seems that I am not quite ready to stop sharing my thoughts just yet. I listen to a fairly balanced enough news about the pandemic, from what I consider good sources and then switch it off. There is only so much a person can take. It actually all starts to run together, especially when one group states facts that are totally opposite of another group. Then people in some groups, even though what they said is on live TV when they said it, want to tell the public that is not what they said. 

My feelings are that we all need a contingency plan for ourselves during this pandemic. It is my thoughts that we are going to be in this predicament for some time. By no means am I an expert, however, I feel that I do have enough common sense to listen to those who are the certified experts. The majority of them all agree on this. Then there are those people who can only state their gut instincts that tell them the exact opposite. I am not prepared to listen to such nonsense. 

These experts are furiously working on plans to help get us back to some type of normal life. Knowing that the old norm has long gone by the way side. From this point on there will be a phasing in of the new norm and none of us know what that will look like. While this is happening, in order to help with my emotional side of my well-being, I have come up with some plans to help me.

This summer will be like no other summer in my opinion. I know that some beaches have opened up and have seen pictures on the news of these beaches crowded, as if nothing is going on in the world. Going to those beaches is not on my bucket list. I am so grateful that we have a screened porch, a beautiful front and back garden, along with a swimming pool. We have had stay-cations before. Lots of good reading, exercising in the pool or simply floating lazily along, grilling out and just enjoying each other's company. Those who live alone have been sharing ways that they are coping with friends and neighbors having driveway parties...keeping social distance but seeing each other; perhaps having a Happy Hour together. It is time to get creative. We can do this instead of having panic attacks. I know how that feels.

With me being such a list maker, I have been taking notes of things to do that would make this a great summer. It means making a total shift of plans, yet a powerful shift to help my emotional state. I hope that it will make a kind of statement on my heart and in my soul that far outlasts the end of this summer.

It begins with coming up with a word or phrase that will define my summer and that was actually fairly easy for me.
I wish to develop some new skills and build on ones that I just never seemed to get around to doing. If I sit and mope around saying that it just wouldn't be summer without a trip to the beach, what good would that do?
It is not going to happen in my 2020 Summer. So I need to replay what my beach vacation could be. First of all, it would last all summer but in my backyard in my pool. I can get out on sunny Summer days, read, hop in the water when I get too warm, and have my beach play list which may include ocean waves in the background playing that gentle, relaxing sound. Alexa even has the true beach sounds with waves and the sounds of sea gulls in the distance.

Ordering beach read books and loving just sitting out under the umbrella reading and having my frozen
drink with the umbrella in it.

I also know that I want to continue to expand my cooking abilities and my painting talent. YES! I said talent. I can look at my paintings with pride. I created them. It is a work in progress and I learn as I go and experiment. Take the risk. Now is the time. I have even been thinking about a future art sale. 

Some other creative ideas such as picking up my guitar again to play. I have no long fingernails due to no manicure so now is a perfect time. Also, I understand that there is a man who is teaching piano lessons on FaceBook live to adults. We have the piano. Instead of saying, "Why?" I say, "Why not?"
I have managed to do a bit of decluttering here and there. Reorganizing some cabinets, closets and drawers and it felt wonderful. My Rosetta Stone is calling me also. My 3 years of Spanish from high school days and college have long gone. Well, not completely. It is basically some of the grammar. I am actually pretty good at reading Spanish. Speaking it or understanding someone speaking it to me is where I need help. Plus, ya'll have to understand that my Spanish teachers were southern, just like me. So their Spanish speaking was slow. Much slower than someone who speaks Spanish as their first language.

The one thing I believe that we all can agree on is that there are more changes ahead. When Autumn does arrive, I want to be able to look back on this Summer and know that I did not miss a beat. No regrets for what could have been and I let it slip through my hands without trying. Go ahead and take some risks in trying new skills.

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  1. One's emotional and physical well being is key for me during this time Serenity Prayer has always been my go to.Since retiring,I have shifted gears and able to enjoy life's simple pleasures as well as enjoyed trips with family,having more time I connect with friends,my passion for reading,doing crafts,my devotionals,etc.Acceptance of what is rather than what cannot be keeps me mentally qell.Physically,I know my limitations.Staying in is my choice.You are blessed to have the amenities at home especially for the summertime D.J.and I know you count your blessings.Keeping a broad mind and willingness to try new skills is a great idea...taking time to learn more and grow to understand what is happening today is one of the things on my daily to do list.We will all get through this season as we know this too shall pass in His timing.Linda Sturdivant
    Be well.Be safe and celebrate life.
    Linda Sturduvant