Sunday, September 20, 2020

Magical Moments


In our every day life there are magical moments happening all around us. We must find the time to be able to recognize and to cherish them. There is so much beauty that gets overlooked or ignored. The old saying of stop to smell the roses along the way is so very true. It is a way to take a break and rewind your outlook on life, especially in the times we live in now. It is important to leave a little sparkle wherever you go. One way to do this is to share those magical moments with others.

Ordinary things can become extraordinary if you simply jumpstart your very own sense of wonder. Step out of the daily grind. 
Moving away from routine and feeling the magical moments can happen several ways. One way is live and in person. I have chosen not to travel with coronavirus still in full swing, however I can place pictures in my vivid imagination of places that I have been which help to make me realize the world is a magical place. All it takes is to recognize just how small I am. If you have ever been up high in the mountains to see the awesome know just how magical the moment can be. The same is true with the ocean or if you are out of the city lights and can truly appreciate the starry night sky on a clear night.

Taking a moment to refocus and to stop stressing over things that I can't control requires me to use my five senses. 

Opening my eyes to actually see the beauty and the magic surrounding me. With all of the cooking that Steve and I have been doing, this actually covers all five of our senses at once. We see it, smell it, taste it, hear it when sizzling is going on and depending on what we are cooking, we touch it to see if it is cooked through and through. 

The love that we see in our furbabies eyes when they come up in our laps. Touching and petting their soft wavy, curly fur is a way to definitely feel magical moments. Walking from room to room in our home is full of those kind of moments. We have our home filled with art, special knick-knacks, furniture, photographs of our children and much to take a break and share a magical moment. The same is true when we are outside all around our home. The front and back garden are simply magical to us. I believe it became easier once retirement arrived. It was not always so easy when I was in the working world, yet this is when I needed it the most. Perhaps, you too if you are still in a 9 - 5 mode.

I also learned how to say the word:



I discovered the feeling of empowerment when I used the word if it meant I was taking on too much. No one can do it all. Let me say that even if I thought I was multi-tasking and doing a good job, in reality? I was not. 

Being in the present is when I am able to discover and enjoy magical moments. Plus, I have learned how important it is to document some of these special moments through journaling, taking photographs, gratitude bowls and boards...anything that will refresh my mind about a particular magical moment.

Finding reasons to celebrate the high points of my day is extremely important to me. Thinking about something that I may have done or said to someone that possibly helped them and in turn most definitely helped me. Sharing kind thoughts with one another. If I am still and quiet I become aware of how others made my day awesome.

In this time of chaos all around us let's just remember that:

This is a book that I stumbled on while searching for a book to read on Amazon. It definitely is what life is all about. Find those magical moments, because life is always happening. I choose to bounce back by taking the time to open my eyes and see the magnificent world all around me.

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