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If I were to put out a survey on what is your favorite time of year, I would be willing to bet on the two favorites that would always come up as a close tie. Spring and Fall! Both beautiful seasons, and I would like to throw my two cents worth in simply because it is my blog. In the whole scheme of Mother Nature, each season has high points and low points. We can adapt to what is being thrown our way for the most part. 

Try to find the good in the hot and humid summers by being grateful for air conditioning, convertibles, swimming pools and a saying that my Grandmother always told me. She said that when a Southern lady perspired, it made her glow and actually was better for her complexion than dry cold air. I often think of that when in the heat of the Summer. The cold bleak winter days also have things to be grateful for. It is a great time for skiers(of which I am not) but it is also a wonderful opportunity to shop for warm boots and great sweaters. Also, to be thankful for a warm fireplace to cuddle up next to and read some of the stacks of books that have accumulated.

Autumn also has lots of color involved as the leaves turn beautiful shades of orange, red and yellow. Sometimes I have to work on staying positive just knowing that soon we will be changing time and it will be dark at 5 and the North Wind will be blowing in soon.

Here are some reasons why I have chosen Spring as my favorite time of the year. The United States is a very large country and depending on where you live makes a difference on how you experience the seasons. Everyone finds their own way to survive. Spring in my area is usually quite delightful. It has been a little cooler than usual...60's for highs and 40's for the lows. It is quite doable dressing in layers. The sun feels so wonderful and it is lighter much later in the afternoon. I do need to remember sunscreen, even when driving in the car for my hands and arms. 

With my area of the country completing their second Covid vaccination, more people are venturing out to eat, but many are wanting to remain with outside patio dining. It has been stated that the two places that are still not totally safe to be is inside dining inside of a restaurant working out in a gym. Luckily many restaurants are setting up places to dine outside. The other day it was to be mid 60's, sunny and a little breezy. I met some friends for lunch. The breeze was coming in from the North and it did get a bit chilly. The restaurant had the tall propane heaters and brought one over to us. It helped tremendously. It was just so marvelous to be out with friends at a restaurant after a year of lock down. Masks still must be worn and social distancing from others. But we were our own little bubble so we could safely sit together, wear our masks when not eating or drinking and just enjoy something that will never be taken for granted ever again.

 This Charles Dickens quote sort of summed up how the days have been lately. We actually have not used heat nor air for two weeks. Today was the first day of turning on a little heat to take the chill off. Moderate temperatures and more daylight helps all of us feel better mentally. Just so good for the soul.

Spring is the time that many birds return and start to nest. Baby animals are everywhere.

We have some house finches who have built their nest in our Spring Wreath on our front door.

Another plus is spending more time outside. It is a real mood elevator for our brains. Higher moods and better memory help us to be more creative in our thinking.

Fresh produce comes in the Spring and it has been proven that fresh fruits and vegetables are so good for our health, mental and physical. So bring on the Farmers' Markets.

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