Sunday, May 15, 2022



When I am feeling tired or wired or even at my wit's end, I try to find ways to turn my brain around and help to make ME feel better. Instead of wallowing in it - trying to help myself out of it; whatever "it" happens to be.

One way is to take a soak in a bubble bath/jacuzzi tub. It can be a special hot tub outside, which I don't at this time own, however, I do have a great jacuzzi tub in our Master Bathroom Suite. 

It is a time to close my eyes and just let my mind stop thinking of the what-ifs and think more of the NOW! Self-care is not selfish. It is called being compassionate with myself.

Another trick that I use is with our dogs. Playing with them, walking them and even spoiling them is a great way to relax and go, 'ahhhh.'

Just taking a walk around the front or back garden is a very good way to take my mind to a different place; a good place; a place where I can just hear, "ahhhh." The beauty of the plants and flowers take me over to another world. I always must have scissors in hand to take a few cuttings inside for a vase. 

Taking a moment to sit and enjoy the sunshine on my skin while I breathe (inhaling anything negative in my mind while exhaling the positive that I have turned it in to.

Listening to good music, whatever yours may be is for you to decide. I have mine, which does change, depending on the mood that I am in. Music is a mood enhancer...I let it take me away!

A very good quote that I try to live by is:

These are things that make me go...ahhhhhh!

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