Saturday, March 18, 2023



Which is more important; the big picture or the small details? Some people love the big picture way of thinking while others prefer to stick with the small details. For me, they BOTH are equally important. The saying that you can't see the forest for the trees come to my mind. It is important to not miss the forest for the trees. A clear image of the forest is the big picture. Yet remembering that the forest is made up of individual trees  -  those small details. As the quote from Gail Lynne Goodwin adds that when that happens it may be time to go for a walk IN the forest just to see how it is made up with the details.

I am relating this to my own writing of my novel I want to finish writing and either send off to an editor and then publishers or self-publish, if necessary and hope that people will buy it and enjoy it. Some people know this about me but if asked about what small details that went into writing and formatting my book, I don't seem to have a clear step-by-step plan outlined. Why? Because I am not that clear about the details myself and I tend to stay stuck in the "thinking mode." 

Too many small details really do seem to overwhelm me. I just must remember that it is ok to have them both - the big picture and the small details going on at the same time. Taking action on those small details is the direction that I must head toward getting me to the big picture. 

It is best to have them both understood and in my brain at the same time. Action must be taken on those small details is the direction that I must head toward getting me to the BIG PICTURE. They work together. Call it 'team work' if you will. It is actually the details that help me march toward the big picture. They become motivational cues that I am using as post-it notes on a story board for myself. A little progress towards my major goal is better than no progress. The details actually create the big picture.

There really is no such thing as going back to square one. Even if I have felt like I am having to start over. I simply am trying again with more knowledge, strength and power than I had before. My journey was never over, it was just waiting for me to find it again. I am glad it waited on me. I am worth it!

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  1. Love how you mention that play is so important! Children are such awesome examples to us on that. So glad you have them around!