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This is the quote that to me says it all about aging. We, at whatever our age, should not worry about getting old, it is rather to worry about thinking old. There is a huge difference. 

I read about an interview with Matthew McConaughey where he shared some of his views on aging. He stated that he was not afraid of being older. It was more of a matter of trying to age gracefully when one really can't deny it. And he went on to say there are awkward ways to deny it. We all have seen it. I will not mention any names here but we all have seen famous people who have most definitely had major plastic surgery and it shows and not in a good way. However, my thoughts on this is that it is their way  (in their own mind) of not aging when in fact it is showing even more aging. I just think to myself, 'Whatever floats their boat!'

It is one thing to have a small little job done such as droopy eyelids and then another to have your face stretched out several times, lips injected, etc. I like to go with Kermit's take on wrinkles.

It is natural to worry, just be sure to have someone that you can talk to about it so that it does not give you worry warts!

Aging gracefully is not about trying to look younger. It is about being yourself. With the right attitude, you can be like a fine bottle of wine and just continue to get better with age. It is all about taking joy in living.  Having a pro-age mindset and showing confidence in yourself is a key factor. With the right mindset we can live in the moment and focus on the present.


Become awestruck at the world around you no matter how small or large. It can be flowers in your garden or that you see out on a walk. It can be a picture that your grandchild drew just for you. It can be when your favorite team wins in the playoffs. It is what brings you joy. Relish it.

Being kind to yourself is so very important. Staying hydrated, being active, eating healthy, having friends and family who are supportive and get out there and do the thing that you enjoy personally. Getting enough sleep is very important, even if it means taking little cat naps during the day or one long nap, if at night you find you did not sleep well. Even if it is short meditations of closing your eyes and shut out what is going on around you for a brief moment. 

This quote summarizes this blog:

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