Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Movies

Apparently there are a kajillion Christmas movies out there in La-la- Land, which includes on standard cable tv, HD tv, satellite, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and the old standby, Redbox.  Some old, some new, some good, some not-so-good.  This is my point today in my blog.  Who is to say what is good and what is not-so-good? What gives someone else the right to make snarky remarks about other people's tastes in movies?  What is repulsive to some is enjoyable to another.  No one can successfully dictate personal preferences. What exactly determines people's preferences seems to be a fuzzy cloud!

Did you have any idea that there is actually a study that is based on an intuitive approach using calculus to predict preferences for movies, as well as other things, such as music, books or food?  For real!  I am not kidding.  Who knew?  For me, the question is who in this world needs calculus to figure this out.  There are many more logical explanations.  Of course, to me, calculus and the word logical do not go together.  I do have a son who would argue that point with me, to a level that I could not begin to understand.

A much more logical (in some ways) explanation on tastes is based on personalities.  These studies involve the overall characteristic of people in general.  More or less, I broke it down to nine types.  It is my own belief that most of us fit into more than one type, with one being the more dominant trait.  From my small bit of training in personality testing, this is the usual case.  There are some cases where one may be so dominant in one area that all of the others must be kicked to the side.  Let's not be judgmental here.  It is what makes the world go 'round.

  • thrill seekers  -  sensation seekers  -  love horror film festivals and death defying roller coaster rides
  • instant gratification/small rewards along the way  -  ambitious  -  not very patient with long lines or rush hour traffic  -  prefers movies that will dull the bitterness of their day
  • serious side  -  always stays in the lines  -  rarely a risk taker and does not like change  -  not a boring person, more of a thoughtful person who wants to stay in their boundaries and this means to keep in their interpretation of the spirit of Christmas that is familiar and comfortable
  • high expectations  -  focused and energetic  -  lively and enthusiastic  -  fun to be with and leans to the perfectionist side  -  movies tend to not be slow moving
  • limit stretcher  -  can be judgmental and definitely picky and opinionated about what they will watch
  • a feel good movie  -  one that relieves anxiety and stress, nothing that adds to it
  • spicy  -  refined sense of taste  -  more serious and takes notice to details
  • exotic  -  flexible  -  is willing to try anything once  -  very easy going and to this person life is an adventure
  • sweet and charming  -  willingness to help others in need  -  a prototype of their sex, in other words the men are usually macho men and the women are feminine in all ways  -  also they rely on their intuition more frequently than others  -  can be vulnerable in relationships due their romantic inclinations

Out of these nine traits, surely you were able to find at least one category that you may fit in or maybe more?  I know that I found 4 for myself, which I will keep to myself basically.  I do know that what prompted me to write this blog was the fact that I mentioned that I had never seen A Christmas Story.  This was to the horror of a number of very good friends, all telling me that this is a classic, a family tradition, their favorite movie, etc.  A few said they had never seen it either and another group said that they had seen it, however, it was the worse movie they had ever seen.  

I would say that out of these three groups of likes/dislikes/never saw before that the like group took up about 50%, dislikes about 35% and 15% were like me in that they had never seen it before. So, you will be able to pick out one of my personality traits from up above when I tell you that I had to see it because I will try anything once.  My husband and I watched 'in agony' together.  We got through the movie, barely.  There were times that I was ready to hit the STOP button.  I did not, instead I got up to get a little more merlot.  It eased the pain.  Now, if you read carefully all of the traits above, here is the clue for my second trait  -  I want to watch something that takes the anxiety and stress out of my day, not add to it.  Bullies making someone stick their tongue to a frozen pole, roasted ducks having their heads chopped off while the Chinese waiters sang the right tune with the wrong consonants based on their accent and let's not forget the saying that has been permanently imprinted on my brain for life, "You'll shoot your eye out."  

It is my belief that this movie will haunt me forever now.  The very next day in the local paper the political editorial cartoon used the saying, "You'll shoot your eye out!"  The night before, I dreamed about bullies chasing me trying to get me to stick my tongue on a frozen pole and men running after the ducks in our neighborhood trying to chop their heads off.  This is so not right.  I hope that soon I will be able to put this movie behind me.  It will take a lot of Bing Crosby's White Christmases and Holiday Inns along with my all time favorite Love Actually.

This is my taste for movies and I know that you all have your own as well.  That is why one of my favorite sayings is, "To each his own!"  Just go out or curl up and enjoy watching and getting into the Christmas spirit.  That is what it is all about.  Merry Christmas!

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