Monday, December 5, 2016

Remote Queen

Gadgets really are not my thing.  I am placing the TV remote control as an item in this category.  Let me first say that two of the television sets that are in our house, I can not work.  The only one that I could work was in perfect health but as old as dirt.  That is probably why I could work it.  (No comments from the peanut gallery, please.)  It is just that the TV that I could work is in our bedroom and rarely do we watch TV in bed.  

As of last week, some things have changed.  I have become the Remote Queen for our brand new 65" flat screen wall mounted TV. Previously, the smaller flat screen that was on a stand had three, yes count them,, dos, tres remotes to operate the dang thing. Now I ask you if that is acceptable?  I will even answer for you...NO, it is not.  I had directions written by me in my own special gizmo language as to what buttons to push on which remote in order to listen to Pandora while I worked.  My husband talked me through it as I wrote it specifically for my brain.  That was the only screen that I could get to with the remotes.  Sad, but true.  The few times that I tried something else, my very patient husband spent quite a bit of time backtracking to figure out what I had pushed to make things not work properly.  

When our new TV arrived to be installed and mounted on the wall, I was the only one home.  When all was ready, the man gave me one remote.  ONE! This one remote is a simple one.  It took him about five minutes to demonstrate and then let me repeat what he had shown me.  There are very few buttons to click on or off.  I LOVE IT.  What I really and truly love?  At this time, I am the only one who knows how to work it.  Will I share my knowledge? Maybe.  Maybe not.  The simplicity of it really shakes up this wonderful man of mine, just as much as the complexity of the three remotes did for me.  

For right now, I am loving being the remote queen.  I am quite sure that as soon as I am out of the house, he will take the remote and figure it out.  He is a very intelligent man.  All it takes is just a little playing with the few clickable buttons to know how to get to the guide menu and figure out what the few other ones are capable of doing.  I believe that I deserve just a few days or maybe a whole week of just relishing in the fact that I can work a remote to the TV that my husband cannot.    

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