Friday, March 3, 2017


There are times that I must admit, I get tied up in all that is going on in my world.  What usually jolts me out of that place are random acts of kindness that others share with me.  It can be as simple as a door being held open for me or someone motioning for me to make a turn in front of them at a four way stop.  It truly does not take much to show me the goodness in others.  

This is what brought me to just think of some easy and simple ways to help make someone's day a little better. Just adding a touch more to bring a smile to someone's face.  We all have our own battles and to know that someone cares enough to help in small ways to get us out from under some of these possible demons is empowering.  Smiles and hugs do wonders.  

Spreading kindness is two fold.  Not only the recipient gets the feel good part of kindness, it also gives the donor such a good feeling.  Just the other day while in line to pay for some items, I noticed the mechanical motions that the scanner/cashier was going through, as well as her customer.  There was no communication, neither verbal nor body language, positive or negative.  Well, perhaps I would call nothingness a negative.  It was rather sad to witness.  

I looked over at the lane across from where I was and there were smiles, conversations, and the transaction ended with one saying to the other, "Have a great day."  Then amazingly enough, the recipient said, "Thank you.  You do the same."

You can change someone's world in a brief second or two with a gesture of simple kindness.  If it is someone that you are close to then the act of a hug, a touch on the shoulder, grasping of a hand would be appropriate.  It is a way to show support that mere words are not able to express.

These tiny gestures that are shared with others are remembered for a very long time.  Many times, we overthink acts of kindness and believe that it takes something grand to make a difference.  It is the small stuff that counts.  Steve and I have said this over and over in our marriage.  Never take the small stuff for granted. The small stuff grows to become the big stuff.    

If you really want to perk up a group, such as your team at work, make or buy a healthy treat to take in for sharing.  Smiles tend to break out all over the place when food is shared as a random act of kindness.  I had a friend at work who always cut out a coupon to a store that she knew that I shopped at often and it made me feel so very special that she thought of me and took time to cut the coupon and bring it in to me.  

Taking the time to watch the habits of those around you can tell you a perfect act of kindness that you can bestow on them.  For example, I had several co-workers who were avid readers.  Often, I would take in a book that I placed on their desk as a surprise.  I would hear them talk about this anonymous gift for days.    

There are so many ways to show kindness to others. This world needs more kindness and it seems to me that kindness grows in volume as it is given.  It makes others feel more compassionate.  Kindness does not need to cost a penny.  There are many different manners to show kindness.  If you are thinking that someone looks good in the color or style they are wearing, why not tell them out loud.  It only needs to come from your heart. It is rather powerful to know that you have the ability to turn someone's day around to a positive note!

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