Sunday, February 26, 2017


Motivation is a very personal theory that looks and feels differently for everyone. It has to come from within your own being. Teachers and parents alike all want to know the secret to making their children become more motivated.  

Motivation is a gift that comes from within, however, I do believe that part of motivation comes from being shown the positive results of getting yourself motivated.  This is easier said than done with some people.  A typical human response is, "So what's in it for me?" Answers could be as simple as getting a high score on a test and having the proud feeling that I did and just look at the responses that I am receiving from the smiles and happiness from my parents or teachers.  As an adult, it may be possible bonuses, or promotions, or just a nod and a smile with a, "Way to go" high five from co-workers or the boss.   

This represents the reasons for people's actions and needs concerning motivation. This can be in a positive or negative behavior or desire.  Think of a bank robber, for example. He robbed that bank for the motivation of getting money. Obviously, not clearly thinking that he would eventually get caught, lose the money that he stole and be put behind bars for punishment. A missing component would be to think the whole action through.  Take the money and run sort of omits some of the not so great consequences. 

I was questioning my own motivation and how I am working now to keep my motivation going when things don't seem to go in the direction that I want them to go.  What do I personally do instead of just putting my head down and crying it out or throwing a hissy fit?  Because, I am human and sometimes doing one of those acts does not seem unreasonable and can actually get rid of excess stress. Personally, I only advise doing this quickly and quietly just to get it out of my system and only if necessary for my mental well being. 

We all have to take control and responsibility of turning events around to help us become better human beings.  It is our emotional intelligence that kicks in. For some, it kicks in faster than others.  It can even depend on the circumstances surrounding why you need to stay motivated.  

Staying motivated has to be for your own self, not others.  Others may help, guide and support you. Only you can mentally get to where you want to be. For me, I started thinking what is it that I do personally to get there.

First of all, I believe that I have to not compare myself to others.  I am my own unique individual. Plus, I must be kind to me.  Sometimes, I catch myself putting 'me' on the back burner instead of sharing the kindness with others by taking care of myself.  I also need to remember that I can only help others by first helping myself. Believing in me and recognizing the progress toward my goals is very important.  It helps to visualize my goals through writing, pictures, and reading.  I always want my goals to be high, so I try to make them specific and realistic.  Taking it one day at a time and even days that I must take it one hour at a time help.  

When goals are reached, or even the mini-steps toward the big goal are met, it is time to give myself a reward.  It could be a trip out for some retail therapy, or a trip to Starbucks for a skinny vanilla latte or even Happy Hour at Sonic for a giant unsweetened iced tea with extra lemon.  It doesn't take much for me.  It is just a part of surrounding myself with positivity.

I am ending this blog with how I begin each day; on a positive note.  My quiet coffee time, with a little meditation and choosing my personal positive mantra of the day (sometimes more than one in a day) is what instills in me the motivation to carry on in the best way that I know how.  Ayn Rand said it well, "A creative person is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others."

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