Monday, February 6, 2017

Dreams Can Take You There!

It is most definitely true, so therefore, I will not even try to hide it. I am a dreamer.  I am an optimist.  I do not even need a Dream Catcher, like the one at the top of this page.  To me, there is no other way to be and it really brings me down when I am with someone who can't even wrap part of their head around the concept of the fact that imagination and motivation are two powerful items that will work with anyone's dream.  They are on your side and work with you, not against you.  

There will always be naysayers out there to stifle your dreams.  I am just simply not willing to let them have control over what I dream, much less the ways that I plan on making them come true. When it seems to be tugging at me harder, I simply think of a dream that one person had that seemed to be out of anyone's reach. There are so many to choose from, if you do a little bit of research. I just happened across this brief, yet fascinating story the other day.  

To me one of the most impressive dreams is the story of how the first bridge over the Niagara River near the Falls came to be built in 1847.  The bridge had to be built over a giant gorge, except the builders first had to get a line over the canyon from the United States to Canada.  Roaring rapids were below so a boat was out of the question.  The airplane had not been invented yet.  Even an expert with a bow and arrow could not shoot an arrow that distance.

Charles Ellet, the designing engineer, continued to think and ponder over this problem, coming up with what possibly could work.  One revolutionary idea was definitely worth a try to see his dream come true.  He sponsored a kite flying contest.  He offered a five dollar prize if anyone could fly a kite across the gorge and let it go low enough to the ground for someone on the other side to grab the string. Believe it or not, a young boy won this contest on his second attempt.  I would say that the young lad was as much of a dreamer as the engineer. He managed to get the kite over the gorge, low enough to fasten it to a tree, which was used to pull a cord across, then a line, then a rope.  Next came an iron-wire cable with steel cables until a structure that was strong enough to build a suspension bridge was in place. One year later it opened and this all began with a dream from someone who used his imagination and motivation to make it come true.

Unlike a kite with a string, I feel that there is no limit to how high or how far my dreams can take me.  I had a principal once who told me that my dreams are only limited by the power of my own imagination.  If I can 'taste it, feel it, see it, hear it and smell it' then my motivation is already in place.  This is the reason that I begin each day with a positive mantra, along with quiet meditation. Many others would argue the point that other guidelines must be thrown into the works to make dreams come true.  I say that I am quite capable of getting where I want to go through my dreams.  It takes patience and sometimes that is the hardest part of it all for me.  I just know that my dreams will take me where I want to go.  How about yours? 

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