Monday, May 1, 2017

Change of Plans

We had our Saturday and Sunday all mapped out for some fun things that we wanted to do. Saturday, for the most part, went as planned. The evening was spent listening to one of our city's beautiful symphony orchestras and watching the Memphis Ballet company perform in a first time collaboration. We were given Box Seats to this grand performance. We felt so very spoiled and loved every minute of the performance. During a quiet time, we could hear torrential rain hitting the rooftop of the Performing Arts Center. We had checked the weather and the rain was not to come until the wee hours of the morning. Guess the meteorologist got that one wrong, at least by 6 hours or so.  

Good news was that when the performance was over, the rain had stopped. Only to start again later, this time in hail, winds, thunder, lightning and more torrential rain. This went on through the rest of the night and into Sunday. 

Our plans for Sunday were simple, really. We were going to our favorite movie theater, which is small and quaint with very large recliner comfortable seats and lots of space between the only four seats in a row. There is a table, actually between each of the 4 seats. This is for your drink and if you order anything from their grill. (I might add, that it is not your typical movie 'food,' although they do have candy and popcorn.

The time that we would have to leave our home to see the matinee that we were going to was at a time that the weather was in one of its worse downpours, with lightning strikes all around. We looked at each other and at the same time said, "Let's nix the movie for today." 

Were we going to let that weather spoil our day? No way! Let's go to a Plan B  -  we became Riders on the Storm. We made our own lyrics to make the day fit us. When you think about all of the songs about rain and storms, it is most definitely a 'go to' subject for songwriters. 

We were not that creative in writing a song to be published by a famous artist, however, we did make our own fun. Both of us are avid readers. We spent some time catching up reading, as well as writing in our journals with our coffee and tea. It is an unwritten code that if the TV is not on, then one of the surround sound systems will be on playing whatever music that we are in the mood for at that moment. We did move on to Netflix, with an outstanding Bloody Mary, and maybe for me a little siesta thrown in during a show. At that point, we got up to work on making our first Apple Strudel, as well as chopping the vegetables for roasting later for our dinner. One of us is usually the head chef, while the other one plays sous chef. We are in it together. It is so much more fun when we use teamwork. Basically, this is how everything gets done at our house. No one has to tell the other one what needs to be done. It just happens. This is how our Sunday turned out with us just riding out the storm and becoming Riders on the Storm.

I have decided to make this an interactive blog today. Listed below are just some of the over 100 song titles that have rain or storms in the titles. To the right of the songs are the artists that are most famous for that song, except, I mixed them up. See if you can match the title to the right artist. I, for one, was shocked that there were so many. Only thirteen are here. I am sure that you could name many more.

Riders On the Storm                Prince
Stormy Weather                      Lena Horne
Raindrops Keep Falling on My 
Head                                      Bill Withers
Umbrella                                Weather Girls
Rainy Days & Monday              Eurythmics
Come Rain or Come Shine       Gene Kelley
Its Raining Men                       Rihanna
Singing in the Rain                  Ray Charles
Here Comes the Rain Again      Creedence Clearwater
Purple Rain                              Ann Peebles
I Love a Rainy Night                 The Carpenters
I Can't Stand the Rain              The Doors
Ain't No Sunshine                     Eddie Rabbit  

Did you get them all? I know that I am the blogger, so I picked the songs that I used mainly because some of them are my favorites. So score me 100% and an A+.       

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