Friday, September 22, 2017


"Don't ever be ashamed of loving the strange little things that make your weird little heart happy." This was my positive mantra for the day that I posted this week on my Facebook page. It is a quote from Elizabeth Gilbert. Let's face it. We all have strange little things that make our weird little hearts happy. Hopefully, they don't drive other people crazy. If you love someone totally and unconditionally, you realize that each one of you have some quirkiness within your personality. Embrace it if you can or be prepared to overlook it if it is not hurting anyone.

My husband is able to overlook that I adore Jimmy Buffett and all of his songs. I sing Margaritaville at the top of my lungs each time it is on the radio. I have all of his albums, much to Steve's dismay. Some dear friends went to a Margaritaville Restaurant/Bar and brought me a beach towel, along with a mouse pad for our desktop computer. When Alan Jackson teamed up with Jimmy Buffett to sing It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere, my dear sweet husband had another song to listen to me sing loudly and proudly. 

There are other songs that I can totally rock out on to his embarrassment. It's Raining Men,  Bohemian Rhapsody, Knock Three Times, Pretty Woman, I'm a Believer and oh so many others. Out of all of these songs, I truly believe that something is seriously wrong with anyone who can't chime in at some point to Bohemian Rhapsody. Just my own humble opinion.

There are other quirks that I will share and you can see just how unashamed I am that these are my quirks and I am proud of them. You need never to be embarrassed by what makes you the true YOU.

  • the bed MUST be made in the morning
  • dirty dishes in the sink for no longer than it takes to empty the dishwasher 
  • stepping on cracks in the sidewalk
  • spices organized in alphabetical order
  • can't eat foods with certain textures such as cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, jello
  • writing in my journal using the color pen that my mood is for that day
  • my tongue is out when in deep concentration
  • I talk to myself and even answer when working on certain projects, usually frustrating ones involving technology
  • most of the time I get no enjoyment from watching a movie the second time - except at Christmas, when the month of December is the time to bring out all of the Christmas movies we have seen, as well as viewing a new one if released
  • the bills in my wallet must be in order (ones, fives, tens, etc) and all facing the same way
  • directionally challenged - if my 'gut' feeling is to turn left to go where I need to be then I should go the opposite way
  • changing my signature based on my mood (I am sure that the bank loves this one)
  • when people watching, I love to guess their occupations
  • if I pick out my clothes the night before, my mood may change when I wake up and I must start all over again

So my question to I weird? Am I too quirky? All I can say is that it is me and I believe we should all just be accepting of one another and what makes us tick. In fact, I dare say that many people reading this have some of the very same quirks that I listed for myself. If you ever want to realize just how normal you really are, google some really famous people and read of some of their bizarre quirks. Some of which I would tend to put in a totally different category from quirkiness to ludicrous. 

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