Monday, October 9, 2017

It Is a Mental Thing!

Most of us try to not only work on our physical well-being, but also our mental well-being. With all of the diets, exercise programs and nutritional information bombarding us, I feel at times that the majority of people work harder at their physical wellness. To me, they should be balanced, 50/50.

Of course, there is reading and focusing on crossword puzzles, sudokus, etc., but I am talking more on the lines of positive thinking and how to work on engaging in things that I have observed through others of making myself stronger mentally. This also is a great skill to work with when raising children. I know that I used some of these ideas as a parent and as an educator.

There always seems to be a time that a bully will come along in your life. One certainly does not have to be a child to come up against a bully. There are plenty of adult bullies out there. Some are hiding behind their passive aggressive behaviors. We all just need to be aware of them. I learned a long time ago that I must not give them the power to control my behaviors or the way that I think. The trick to not becoming a victim of bullies is to not give them that power. Once they have it, a vicious cycle has started.

Look to the future and work on not repeating mistakes made in the past. It is okay to fail at something, just be strong and move on by learning from mistakes. Giving up should not be an option, as it is simply dwelling on the past instead of moving forward. You want to be sure that you do not repeat mistakes by taking the time to change your plans.

This will take some hard work so don't expect immediate results. There are always setbacks. It is called life. Learn from mistakes and remember that the world does not owe you anything. Most others who have successes got where they got today by working hard and turning failures into success stories by changing what was not working. 

A very wise professor of mine said over and over to his students that it is useless to waste energy over what you can't control. He loved to add on that there is no way that any person can please everyone all the time. It is important to remember when making decisions, make them for the right reasons. Life is not a popularity contest. There will be times that we all must take risks. 

The fact that there is a karma 'out there' should be all one needs to help themselves move on, at least it is for me. That old saying of what goes around comes around is very true. You may not know the when, who, what and where of the karma, yet it will come eventually. Keep in mind that the karma can be positive or negative. Which do you want to deal with? The cause and effect can work in both ways. 

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