Monday, October 30, 2017

New Friends

Meeting up with a good friend of my husband's from his work days in the UK and his wife continues to restore my faith in general with human beings. It is so easy for some people to take in all of the negativity that is thrown out to us through the news, social media, as well as what is just happening in front of your very own eyes. It is important to remember that most people have good in their hearts, and need to be allowed to express it. Share in the good times and let new energy grow within your soul.

My naivete permits me to believe in people more than most others from my experiences. There are a lot of good people out there, despite what we hear and read about day in and day out. These two lovely people visited with us over the weekend and we had an absolutely delightful time with them. Conversations ranged from intelligent to drama filled, to just down-right silliness. Sharing experiences of dealing with people from all around the world demonstrated to me that I am on the right track.

What we did discover is that the saying of why can't we all just get along is how we all felt. They shared some drama stories in dealing with people, just as we did. It certainly felt good to know that we were not just out there alone in wondering if the world may be going mad and we are the ones left behind. Actually, it is just the opposite. I suppose you could call this movement the silent majority. I truly believe that.

Most people would love less drama and more karma. Leave the drama for the stage. Why would anyone want to stir up the pot for the sake of stirring? Well, we all do know of people that fit that description. They thrive on it, even to the point of being addicted to it. Walking on eggshells, for fear of saying something that would be upsetting to another is not the way to get along with one another.

Social skills are required. Preface what you may want to talk about simply to be aware if you may be stepping on someone's toes. With our house guests, it was so easy going and such a no-brainer, that conversation flowed like a soft ocean breeze, whether we were in our home, out at a local park enjoying a beautiful autumn sunset or in a nice restaurant having dinner. The saying that common sense is not so common is very true, as we found out through sharing life events that we have all lived through.

They told stories, as well as the two of us that continued to validate that saying. The fact is that as we talked, we got to see that those "squeaky wheels" are out there for attention. It does not matter what kind of attention - which means negativity is perfectly fine with them! What does matter is how the rest of us respond. You can't let them ring your bell if you don't put it out there for them to ring. That is a social skill that some just can't seem to grasp.

The bottom line is to surround yourself with those who do have a love of life and laughter. Sensationalism can be all around you. Ask yourself how do you want to be remembered? Drama king/queen or a person who others enjoy being around? I have heard there is no Academy Award for the Drama kings/queens in daily life. In fact, there is really nothing for them, except possibly some negative attention. For all the others who would love for everyone to just get along and be happy, there are multitudes of rewards; such as having many people feeling comfortable in your company and sharing good vibes about your karma with others. I am so hoping that our delightful house guest return soon and that we can go to visit them. Always be open for new adventures. 

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