Monday, January 22, 2018

Top Secret of Life

Some of you are like me, filled with curiosity about what makes some people so much fun to be around. It is a joy to be around them. While there are others? Let's just say on a sliding scale, others could and do fall anywhere they are in their mindset. 

To me, though, I think that I have the top secret figured out. The actual secret of life is to enjoy the passage of time. This revolutionary idea sort of hit me when I heard two songs by two different artists that I love to listen to. Basically the same song titles, with the lyrics saying basically the same thing, yet in different ways. Those people who are the most fun to be around are the ones who respond to the passage of time in positive ways.

Let's start with James Taylor's version. In my opinion it is more to the point because it just comes right out and states the secret is enjoying the passage of time. Anyone can do this. Basically, it is okay to be afraid, but just go for it. He even throws in Einstein's theory of not being able to understand it all, so just welcome to the human race. We should all put a smile on our faces and just enjoy the ride...the whole ride. In other words, we miss out on a lot ignoring the moments that we are passing through getting to where we are going. 

If you are at Point A heading for Point B and only focused on Point B, we are missing out on what is taking place in getting there. Enjoying the whole trip is the secret to a happy and fulfilled life. We are trying too hard and missing out on lots of adventures if we ignore this part of the trip.

It can be the simple stuff such as the traffic jams, the long queues at stores, waiting on elevators that help us to stop a moment of time and to just meditate on time and how it passes instead of complaining. There are thousands of these kind of moments in any one person's life. Reflect on them wisely.

Once that time has passed, all that we have left is the could of, should of and would of memories so my lesson that I have learned is to enjoy all times. This will help create a lot of memorable moments in our lives for our future.

The athletic shoe company who started the logo, "Just Do It," was on to something. The trouble was that some people just didn't know what to do. This is how it seems to happen with just enjoying the passage of time. There are so many among us that just don't have the ability to enjoy what is going on around them and to make the most of it.

Faith Hill's song actually names some things that people believe is the secret to life, such as Thursday Night Football, Mom's pecan pie, a good cup of Joe, a beautiful woman/handsome man...when in reality, it is all of these things and a thousand more thrown in for good measure. 

Basically, there is no ONE thing that is the secret except to enjoy the passage of time, whatever it may be, at whatever time, and wherever it happens. Be there to enjoy it by embracing what life has for you. Don't wait for it. Enjoy the ride. That is what will take you places!     

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