Monday, January 1, 2018

Reflections vs. Resolutions

There is a reason that I prefer to start the New Year with reflections instead of resolutions. It becomes very clear as I reflect back in my 2017 journal, because it freshens my memory of some things that I had forgotten over the year. It keeps me focused on what was at that time in my life very important to me and may still be important to work on in the upcoming year. Perhaps it was accomplished or I decided that it is no longer was important to me.

The poster above is a true reflection of where my mindset must be. Always believing in myself, which will help me achieve what I need to achieve in order to find my balance. (Hopefully, it will always be deserving!) It is a feeling of optimism based on intuition, not so much wishful thinking, as some would have me to believe. It is important to trust my feelings.

Maxine's statement is so true of most resolutions. Then, I just want to give up. I don't think that I am alone on this one. Thus the reason why I reflect and focus on goals that I want to see myself achieve. I want to focus on the 'big picture.' For example: instead of stating I want to lose 30 pounds, look more at the big picture of what it is I want to do in order to motivate myself to become healthier, no matter how many pounds. 

The motivation is what will take me there. Reflecting over the previous year reveals to me what I was able to accomplish. Basically, that is the big picture. Even my family doctor said to look at the big picture of what it is I like to physically do. I already know very well that certain types of exercise and movements are out of the question due to reasons beyond my control.

Stating that I will continue to improve my physical well being by continuing to work out on our recumbent bike and Zaaz machine is my challenge for myself. Adding time in small increments will be important and is much more realistic, rather than starting out at a pace that is out of the question for my body. So many resolutions set unrealistic goals, meaning that you set yourself up for failure.

Next, for me to be healthy, I know that I must eat normal food, without added weird supplements, which I learned last year could actually be dangerous. Focus on healthy foods with portion control and small rewards. Be picky. If I am going to have a reward make the calories quality. In other words, I can decline a doughnut. To me that is just eating junk food and can be stuffed down without thinking. 

However, a fancy-smancy creme brulee? That does not come around that often, usually at a celebration luncheon or dinner. This is quality (depending on the chef). I have to remember that habits are not so easy to break. It is a mindset. 

If I look at January 1st as a new beginning and know that each day is a new beginning, this helps. It is important to be flexible. A quote that I saw on Twitter from Mary Petreccia states this well, "The perfect resolution? Show love in all that you do this year." This includes self-love in order to be able to share with others.

I encourage you to reflect and set realistic goals so that positive changes can be a part of your 2018.

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