Sunday, April 8, 2018

Grab Some Motivation When You Hear the Words - Give Up!

Sometimes when my self-confidence and lack of believing in myself hit an all time low, I actually feel like perhaps I should give this dream of mine up and move on to something else. This is when I am having trouble finding the motivation I need to go forward in writing and editing.

This is the moment to review my reasons of why I had this dream of being a published author in the first place. I do know that I can't be alone in these feelings. Your dream may not be to write a book and to become published. It could be 180 degrees in another direction. It is still your dream. 

This would be a great opportunity to have the heart to heart talk with yourself on whether or not you really want to quit it all now.
It is true that I know that I will soon be ready to get over this roadblock (which is never just one) that is making me stumble and have these feelings. I know that in my heart, if I am true to myself and my beliefs that I need to get a good hold of my self-discipline and realize that failure is only in my mind. 

There is a time to open up to a different perspective and to stop being so hard on myself. If I give up now, I tell myself then I will never know if I could have achieved my dream. I always need to tell myself to be patient with me. I advise others to do this so why not turn this good advice (in my opinion) on myself.

Good things can happen when one carries on with good intentions. This may not happen overnight and it will take time. Remembering that I am not the first person who ever felt this way and that we all have the ability to grow stronger if we can muster up enough motivation to move on. Finding the choices that will help us to get to our end goal is the key.

My positive mantra is, "I have the power to believe that I can, therefore I am halfway there." 


Motivation comes from within, inspiration can come from anywhere! 

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