Monday, April 23, 2018

Wisdom Comes With Age?

The saying that wisdom comes with age is simply not true. Age may give one experiences that those younger may not have the opportunity to be a part of yet, however, it is a matter of what you take away from that experience that will tell whether or not anything was learned. Tom Wilson, the author of Ziggy and many other books, states that sometimes age just shows up all by itself. I believe this to be true in many cases. All it takes is to look around you. Sad, but true. Now, I am not saying I am full of wisdom that came with my age. I am saying that I feel that I am not locked up in a cage and am ready for whatever may come my way to help me in my life journey.

For me, I just do not want that to ever be that sort of description given to me by others. I want to get out and enjoy being a life-long learner. One must be ready to seize every opportunity placed before us and grow with it. First of all, I must know what it is that I really want and take advantage of each step that can help to get me to my goal. It is a matter of prioritizing. Breaking through to know what your goal(s) are is the first step. It is most definitely a constant journey, not just one road trip.

It does mean getting away from your comfort zone. Thinking outside the box or better yet, not even having a box works best for me. This helps me to see what is out there. That is where the wisdom comes in with age. If you have the imagination and creativity to consider your goal, no matter how lofty, as a possibility instead of a limitation than you are halfway there. This is what it took for me to start writing. Reading and researching helped. Talking to others was encouraging. Most of all getting my feet wet and doing it my way is what churned me forward into working on my goal. This is what keeps me yearning for more. 

It not a one shot will do it. Many actions and thought processes must occur. Breaking it down to what fits your lifestyle and also what will guarantee many pushes forward. At one stage, I found myself in a rut. Using positive mantras and working on my mindset helped spur me forward. This may sound simple. It is far from simple if you do not have the right mindset.

First of all, I had to stop overthinking my choices and trust my instincts. All writers do it their own special way. Getting words from your head to the paper comes in many forms. Some write by hand, some use typewriters, while most use a computer in 2018. Then there are writers who use outlines, storyboards, and some that just go with the flow. Do it your way and the way that works for you will be the right way.

Some writers have a special study set up in their home while others work at Starbucks. My ideal was to be on our patio overlooking the beach, listening to the waves, as I was creating the newest best seller of all time. Hmmpph! Now wouldn't that be peachy keen? Just so you know, I work in a study in our home that with the help of my husband has turned in to a wonderfully creative work environment. 

Truly, I have not let go of that beach ideal, however, it will happen after I have many best sellers. That lifestyle is for the rich and famous, of which I am neither. What I do have is my vision to see in the future. Throwing that thought in the pile of 'never gonna happen' is putting a hold on my happiness. It may happen and is most definitely something that I can work on to get me there if I take the right actions and not just use words and daydream about it. 

Having such a wonderful support system of family and friends helps to keep me on the track toward my goals. Hitting all of the smaller goals is the action that will take me there and that happens by knowing my strengths. The most important thing that I have learned is to focus on the journey as I move toward the results. The most important lesson for me is knowing:

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