Monday, July 23, 2018

Green-Eyed Monster

When I started writing seriously, I can remember how I would compare my writing to other authors and their books. In my own little world, there were so many great authors and books out there, that as a reader, there was no way possible that I could get to all of them that I wanted to, so how was my book going to stand up side by side to theirs? At times that
was the only way that I could view my situation.
Libraries, book stores and Amazon were full of them, that is for sure; even if it is broken down by genres. 

Sometimes I would use their success and achievements to help be my own motivation to do
just as well as most of the ones I admired. We all are aware that we live in the real world, which for me, meant there were times that I fell victim to the green-eyed monster called envy. 

At one point it was a healthy competition for me, however, if I allowed it to invade my soul and become my mindset then it was more of an obsessive focus on the negative. Negative for me, that is! Writing a book is not an easy task. Ask any famous author. It is also good for me to keep in mind that authors who have sold best sellers had publishing companies turn them away before someone saw the possibility of a best seller. This happened, at least in my mind, because the author never lost sight of his/her own vision. They believed in themselves.

This takes me back to why it is so important to stay positive. Negative attitudes will get anyone to NoWheresVille before you can blink an eye. If all I focused on were their win/wins and me sitting at my desk reading, writing and typing then it is a lose/lose for me all of my own doing.

Instead, I had to continue grounding myself in my vision. That green-eyed monster will stay lurking just below the surface and is ready to rise at any moment that I let my guard down. It became very clear to me that what I focus on will determine my success or failure; so you had better believe that my plan is to keep my focus on my goals and vision and dreams.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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