Sunday, July 8, 2018

Growing Accustomed to Civilization

Let me be the first to say that I would not have survived very long during the cavemen days. This is why I do not enjoy camping out and have a hard time understanding what joy others get out of it. Really, I do try to not be judgmental, simply by saying to each his own. If it floats your boat, then by all means go for it as long as it does not harm others. As for me, camping out means living without the wonders of civilization. Even though inventions have come along that supposedly make it easier for the modern camper, it is still not for me.

My last blog was late due to a storm knocking out power. Even after that was restored, there still was no Internet, which meant no blog. Nice thing was still some light outside. My husband and I did gather some candles and flashlights for our use when dusk did arrive and if electricity did not.

Just to let you know, I am well aware that we are not alone in how we handled the power outage. Others have shared what they went through in their homes. We read and I did a little writing. We did have to go out for some errands...first problem: no electric garage opener. Luckily our manual toggle worked just fine and we got out. Our hopes were that when we returned that all would have been fixed. Nope! So, once again handling the garage manually. Not really a giant of a deal. Just a little item that we take for granted.

When we came in and settled, I said, without thinking, that I would go start dinner. Oh really? Well, first the oven won't be cooking and we dare not open the refrigerator/freezer in order to keep what is in there cold.

So kind of back to square one. Reading was still okay. I lit a few candles, not that they really helped in the dusk of our study, but I was trying to stay positive and I deemed that they added ambiance.

After a while, I had the great idea of going for a hot jacuzzi bubble bath with a glass of wine. Well, I could use up what hot water there was from the electric hot water heaters, there would be no Jacuzzi bubbles going on and only wine if I dared open the fridge door to get the chardonnay out. There is nothing worse, in my opinion, than a warm chardonnay.

It seemed like everything that we thought of required electricity. We are just used to what we have been brought up with. Like air conditioning! How in the world did we survive without it. Well, for one thing, we did not know any better. I can remember being in school up on the 3rd floor with a fan on in the room, windows open and pools of sweat dripping onto the floor from everyone's legs. I am sure there was not a lot of teaching going on, much less student's grasping concepts. 

The way that we live in today's times will be looked back on as being antiquated and the same questions asked. How did they live without this or that? My only answer is that you do what you have to do for survival. Even if it is only a storm that adds a bit of inconvenience to those who lose power. It is not a forever deal so just get on with it and shake it off!

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