Sunday, April 5, 2020

It Is a Dog's Life

Dogs have their own way of knowing that something is going on. Animals in general do, however, I can really speak with some authority about dogs in particular.  The following blog has been written in Maggie Mae's and Davis' voice. We can almost see the speech bubbles over their heads.

Davis here, since I am the senior dog in this household. I am not sure what exactly is going on but for the last several weeks strange things are happening. We don't live on an extremely busy street, however, there is usually quite a bit of traffic. People heading to work, coming home for lunch, going back to work, lots of workers going into homes, including ours. But they seem to have lessened in numbers. Recently, I have heard Lola and Smiley use the words, "Stay home!" Well, I know what stay means and when they want me to go to my crate they just say go home. 

Maggie Mae and I just watch out the window waiting for some activity going on in the street. Sometimes a FedEx, UPS, Amazon or USPS delivers to us or another house. Dry Cleaners across the street, and we have our much loved Lou Ann who comes to our home and always brings us treats but otherwise very little traffic. 

We have Bailey and Skylar who come over to play and their Momma, Jen. We have not seen them for ages. We miss their sweetness and playing with us.

The other thing that we have that is hard to understand is that our brother owner, Thomas, is home from his American Airline training waiting to hear when he goes for the next. He has self-quarantined upstairs. He has a media room, his bedroom, the bathroom, dorm refrigerator and microwave, plus we send up dinner on a tray. He is doing this for us, since he has been around people who have traveled, as well as for him. He can't get this and be in training. The way it is for now. Not sure why but we are trusting our humans. We know that Thomas loves us.

When the television is on the news (which is not often) they speak of social-distancing. That is a concept that does not come easy for us dogs. See the picture above and you will get what I am saying. social distance from Lola and Smiley? Unheard of!

They need us. Smiley needed a good laugh with me, a little 62 pound puppy in his lap kissing him. And of course, Maggie Mae curled up on Lola's blanket covered legs to take a nap with her. It is a necessity. 

Maggie Mae took over the writing now. I know that Lola and Smiley want to do the right thing. That is why we can't go to Doggie Day Care right now. It is still open but our humans are leaving it for those dogs who have owners who are essential workers and desperately need a place for their dog(s). They have decided to take us out and we play with them. It is not quite the same but we are smart puppies and we get it. 

We tried social distancing. This is what it looked like:

I tried to social distance myself with my camouflage bed. (Lola did not order this camouflage bed. The company sent the green one she did order without my name. So they generously said that they would send one out to us with my name on it free of charge only it was not green, it was camouflage. She did not have the heart to send it back to them. That is just how my Lola is!)

Then there was Davis who social distanced himself at the front door.

Oh my goodness, is he ever big. He basically goes end to end across the front door and windows. He still lets me be in charge. I think some of Smiley's British charm has worn off on him. When he is trying to chase reflections outside on sunny days he does not even mind that I am pulling on his tail to get his attention.

Alright now. Davis is taking over. Maggie has had her say. Let's just talk about social distancing from a cat that we actually love to pieces. Now that is saying a lot for the two of us to love this cat. Nacho is his name. He loves to taunt us by walking across the street in neighbors' yards but studying us with his eagle eyes. Finally he gets around to coming over to see us. He does not come quite as close as he used to. Maybe he knows what social distancing is, too?

Nacho usually comes up the line from the walk to the front porch, swishing his tail and just smiling at us. We love him so much. This time, he kept his distance. All we could do was talk to him through the windows by the front door. He stays for quite a while. I think he really likes Maggie Mae. He never really did this for just me.

Enough already! Lola is taking over now and I can tell you that I feel that I must apologize that this blog has gone to the dogs. What else can I say?

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  1. Good idea to let Maggie Mae and Davis use their voices.