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This is all about a YouTube video that did a world of good for me to watch. If you have not seen any of the short four episodes, I encourage you to go to YouTube and watch. You simply do a search for SGN with John Krasinski. There were so many things that I did not know about him when I started watching these such as: he was in the TV show called The Office with Steve Carell, he now plays Jack Ryan in that series and currently he has this new spin off of the news. 

The deal is, like so many of us, we question why is it that the local and national news focus on the bad news?

There is a very good answer to this. Good news does not sell as well as bad news. It is considered too soft and unimportant to be valuable. In the times that we are living in right now, quarantined with strict stay at home restrictions, I believe that compelling stories about humans overcoming tragedy or facing adversity to rescue others much more interesting. I am aware that I need to keep up to date with what is going on globally in order to keep myself and family safe. However, it would be good to hear more about what John reports in his SGN videos. 

It has been proven that we as humans have the urge to seek out the sensationalism in these stories. It also has been proven that our hormones are all affected by our thoughts. I know that I must pay attention to things that bring me joy, such as hearing the good news stories before the negative side of how many more cases, how many more about how many people who have recovered including senior citizens who are over 100 years old?

We are in a pandemic, so I get the fact that we need to be aware of what is happening. Facts. Then end it and focus more on how this is bringing out the good in the world. Our health care workers are being celebrated globally for what they are doing. They can't go home to their families yet they are willing to sacrifice this in order to save lives. John shows clips of different cities across the world celebrating with parades, going out on porches or balconies singing or flipping lights on and off. It is truly emotionally overwhelming the way that the world has responded and I found SGN such a ray of sunshine to watch. 

Some little stories that don't seem to come on CNN, or FOX or NBC and those like them is that there are workers making masks using the fabric that would have been used for making baseball, football or some other sports' uniforms. Then, The New England Patriots gave free use of their jet to get the masks delivered to those cities that needed them. 

This actually gives me a new way of looking at a coach that I really did not like very much. Bill Belichick does have a heart.

John's team just so happens to be the Boston Red Sox, as this is where he is from. He had one of the local hospitals health care workers ride the sanitized Boston Duck bus to Fenway Park, go out and throw the Opening Pitch and then run the bases. Up on the screen pops David Ortiz who tells them that they now have lifetime seats to the home games. WOW!
Even John had to say he is still on a waiting list for his season tickets. David said for him to wait no more.

Joe Buck, who is famous for broadcasting play by play calls, talked about having contests like a wife throwing dirty clothes across the laundry room into the washer. How many could she hit, especially when her husband kept getting in the way? And then there were the two dogs. One having the bone in his mouth, while the other one was staring at it. The contest was called how long could he hold on to it. It was done like a cowboy riding and hanging on to the bull. How long will he go for?  Of course, you guessed it. The other dog finally had enough and grabbed it away.

After seeing how generous individuals were, as well as corporations, he asked A T & T to look into giving a month free cell service to all nurses and doctors. They said, "No. We are giving them all three months of free service." To me, this is what we all need to hear and witness. No matter how dark it gets there is always light in the world.

John gave a side of good news that we all need in these troubling times. He had a brief weather segment and the meteorologist peeked out of his cabin and looked out at the sky and just said it was all good. By the way, the weatherman just so happens to be Brad Pitt.

He shows videos that people from around the world have sent him from a boy playing ball with the next door neighbor's dog over a fence.

People like you and me are going out of their way to try to feed those who have lost their jobs. Signs are put on porches for delivery people to take something if they need it. (cases of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, etc) One UPS driver asked through the door was it for real? He took one 8 pack of toilet paper. Utility workers dressed as Spiderman and Deadpool powerwashed for some residents and John reported that the rest of the Avengers were at Trader Joes. 

Then what about in a convent. How do nuns stay sane? A video came to him with them dancing and one playing an air guitar.

Like many other parents, he is having to home-school his children and he now believes that teachers are so underpaid. 

Several of his episodes really pulled at my heart strings such as the little girl who was battling cancer and wanted to see Mary Poppins and even more wanted to go to see Hamilton on Broadway. John just happens to be married to Emily Blunt, the current Mary Poppins and she came to join her husband to talk to this child. The little girl had watched Mary Poppins because it was released early streaming. But her absolute favorite was to go and see Hamilton when Broadway opens up again. John at this time said that he would give her the plane ride and tickets to see this show along with her Mom. She was ecstatic. But wait! There is more! All of a sudden, with Zoom, the entire original case came on and sang one of the songs from Hamilton to her. Not a dry eye in the place. WOW! 

In Episode 4 John talked about 2020 seniors missing their prom. A senior sent in a video showing her dancing in her prom dress with her Dad. John creatively came up with the idea of throwing a virtual prom for all of the seniors. And so he did, even though he admitted this was crazy for him to do. A live show? It could go all to pieces. 
You guessed it. It did not. He had Chance the Rapper and the Jonas Brothers, as well as Billie Eilish. Even had a professional dj. Kids sent in their quarantined prom night, thanks to Good News John!

Below is the first episode of SGN and I hope that you will take the time to find it on YouTube and watch. Spoiler Alert: John looks to be in a suit. Don't let that fool you. He stands up at the end of each episode and you may be shocked. 

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