Saturday, December 12, 2020

Is a Simple Thank You Enough?

Yesterday was my birthday. Steve and I really celebrate each of our December birthdays as two separate days, as they should be. Sometimes, having a December birthday can be not so special. When you have one, you know how it sort of feels a little weird to get your Happy Birthday present wrapped in Christmas paper. Would you do that to someone who has a July birthday? I think not. We make sure that does not happen, ever. 

Both of us were overwhelmed with well wishes from friends and family through texts, phone calls, FaceTimes, snail mail, delivery services and social media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter. 

The words, "Thank you," come to mind, of course. Yet it doesn't feel like it truly expresses my gratitude. It is so heart-warming to see so many people take a few moments out of their busy days to wish me well. Sometimes I don't know what to say or how to thank people who wished me a Happy Birthday. It is such an expression of care or love, whether it be a simple HB or written in some kind of message on a card. The fact that it made my day so special and put a smile on my face is all that mattered.


It was so overwhelming that I just had to write a simple thank you to each and every person who took the time out of their day to make my day so extraordinary. Just to let you know that these were the best birthday wishes ever. Even though, I am aware that we are lucky in having at least Facebook for letting us know each day who has a birthday from our 'friends list.' So I really would like to give a BIG shout out to Facebook for helping you to remember it was my birthday. (And for helping me know when it is yours.)

I know that is something that I try to check each day and find a moment to tell that person to have a Happy Day.

Some are long time friends, even if we don't get together much at all. We remember each other from school days. It is always nice to talk about old times and catch up with each other concerning kids, grandkids, jobs, etc. Some are friends of friends that I may have met or been introduced to one time. They still made an impact on me, whether I watched them perform in a play or just chatted about mutual friends at a party.

To be showered with awesome birthday wishes just makes me think that a simple thank you is somehow not enough. These were good people who cared enough to reach out and say have a great day.

Then, there were calls from granddaughters who sang Happy Birthday to me, children who reached out to tell me Happy Birthday because we could not celebrate in person due to this strange Covid year! This gave me a chance to tell them how much I adored their thoughtful gifts. And just as I was finishing up the last call, in came another call from my brother down in Texas. Well, he could have been at his cabin in Arkansas hunting, yet he took the time out of his day to give me a call.

There were mixed feelings coming on in my brain on the eve of my birthday as Mother Nature was adding another year to my age. The special ways that so many reached out came through my thoughts and changed everything about how I viewed another birthday. The way I look at it, is that it is only a number. A number that I can change to whatever and whenever I desire. And if the truth be known, I will admit that I have told little white lies about my age that I don't even know my exact age. Once, I had to take out my phone's calculator and subtract the year I was born from the current to be sure. (The only time that this is important is when I am at the doctor's office. Otherwise it is fair game to take ten years off.) It apparently works, because I have so many people who do not believe that I am on Medicare. There! Now it is out in the open so everyone knows it is at least a starting point in guessing my age! 

Best of all was the way the love of my life treated me on my birthday. Actually, he is this thoughtful all the time. I kid you not! Those who know him, are aware of this fact. Yes, he is a keeper! He brings me coffee in the morning and on this special day made some cheese scrambled eggs for me.


We just spent the day together reading and playing with the furbabies until it was finally time to take off for our curbside pick up dinner, to the champagne he served to the very thoughtful gifts that he wrapped for me. 

I am one very lucky woman to have him in my life, our special children and grandchildren and extended family, as well as all of the special friends who wished me Happy Birthday in texts and all of the other social medias. It is my belief that as I get a little older, I tend to appreciate things on a deeper level. It truly is the little things that count and mean so much to me. I like to believe that I celebrate every day, but I celebrate my birthday more because it is the one day I can see that I was in the thoughts of so many. Thank you for remembering me!

THANK YOU knowing that my words may not be enough to convey my elation but, what I really want to share with you is just how grateful I am to everyone who reached out. YOU bring me JOY!

JOY      JOY     JOY     JOY     JOY

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