Sunday, December 20, 2020

When Everything Goes Wonky!


Being married to a Brit, I learn new vocabulary every day. Wonky is just one example. It means askew or unsteady. So let me tell you about my wonky day.

Sometimes it seems as if it may be me against the world. When I find myself asking, just what else could possibly go wrong, I regret asking that question. It is my own dang fault, but not always. I do believe that I handled the first part of my wonky day fairly well. 

First of all, let me say that I was working on 6 hours of sleep which is never a good thing for me. Those of you who are insomniacs, I apologize. I do not function well with this little sleep. I am a 9 hour is perfection sleep kind of person. I can deal with 8. I had an appointment that was what I thought to be a simple, uncomplicated doctor appointment. I worked my brain into thinking how wonderful everyone told me about this easy and quick surgery. Quite frankly, after the shock of being told that I needed this, I had to agree. I thought that my eyes were just needing new lenses. Wrong! The cloudiness would not go away, even if my prescription went stronger. 

The appointment was called a consultation appointment. I figured that I would be there 30- 45 minutes. Let's say 3 1/2 hours later, I was set free. Steve went with me and sat in the car with his book for all of this time. I wish I had known more about the surgery so that I knew better of what to ask. One of my many faults is that I do not like too much information being tossed my way. I need visuals. I loved the surgeon who would be doing the actual operation. His assistant worked on the measurements of each lens. He checked it over, and then yet another technical person checked my eyes out. I kept being moved from room to room for the different machinery.

All of the staff was very friendly and very professional yet they had so much information coming my way that I was feeling as if my brain was on overload. Sort of the way I felt when I was in high school geometry class. I did not get it the first go round and only because the second go round had pity on me for at least trying to grasp the concepts, I was passed on. 

It was at this time that the last person who saw me gave me a book, a pamphlet and papers with the surgery centers from which I could choose to go to and the COVID testing sites to go to. I must also call them to set up that test on the day that I go in again to surgeon's office 5 days before surgery to  double check their measurements of my eye. The surgeon's time was given to me, so I need to get the testing place close to that time. 

Also, told that the surgery is only about 10 minutes long but the pamphlet stated on being there 3 hours. Once we got back to our home, I just had to put it all aside and let information sink in to my head slowly.

The next part of the day was really wonky. We purchased a new sofa and had the old one picked up two days ago, based on their schedule for when they were in our part of the city. We figured that we could make it for two nights without one. We would go into the Reading Room and sit to enjoy music and just read and talk. 

Going back to the fact that I had only had 6 hours of sleep, and how long we were at the surgeon's consultation appointment, I could not get a nap in because our window for delivery of our sofa was 2:30 - 4:30. I read and waited and waited. This was a Friday. I figured I would reach out to the number to send a text to the delivery guys. No reply. It was coming up on 4:30 and I was getting nothing back from the many texts that I sent to them. We now had to find a Plan B for dinner that was spoiled due to this wait and not not knowing.

Panic was starting to set in. OK - so there are times I can be rightly called a drama queen. I was seriously doubting we would have a sofa tonight and perhaps not even till Monday. I decided to take action and I called every number of every person that was on my receipts. The main office, the one in VA, the delivery office, the customer service office...the designer consultant told me that they would most definitely be there. She has never had one not be delivered, but sometimes they run into problems. Just be patient! Finally, at 6:30 I sent a text to let them know that I have called everyone at their company. I now receive a text that stated in a very clearly that they will set up a time for delivery. What? I had a time!

Now, I am so far beyond wonky, even The Wonky Donkey can't help. That book is endearing to me because he overcomes only having 3 legs, thus his name. Then a miracle happened. My phone rang and I recognized the number as being the one that I had been texting. It turned out to be the delivery guys supervisor. He was so apologetic because he had told his driver and assistant to reach out to all of the customers to tell them how late they were running. They did not do as he instructed. He said that he has them tracked now and they should be at our home with the sofa in 30 minutes. 

Sure enough, he was right. They were at the door. I showed them where to place it. They got it in and placed and I signed for it. 

Certainly many people have had much worse days than I had today. Yet we all need to give ourselves the freedom to have wonky days now and then, as long as we can get over them. I do believe that each thing that I go through that there still are reasons to be grateful. There is no situation where everything is wrong. You either need to find another solution alone or with the help of someone else. It is important to remember that as long as I am living and breathing something good can come out of this.

My belief is that the squeaky wheel gets the oil still holds true. Let me add that the squeaky wheel does not have to be ugly about it. Just let others know what the problems are and how they need to help. Why? Because to weather storms, no matter how significant or insignificant they are: "This too shall pass."

Now for two nights, we have enjoyed our new sofa and I have questions lined up to ask at my next visit to the eye surgeon before my surgery. All in good time and because I did not make a fool out of myself, I can go in with my head held high. 

Lessons learned?  ~ keep your wits about you
                          ~  stay strong and be creative to find those who can help you solve the problem

Gratitudes?          ~  I will soon have my good sight returned to me .
                          ~  We have a stunning and comfortable sofa.

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