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It is important to be about talking the talk and then walking the walk. Other ways to say it is simply that actions speak louder than words or practice what you preach. I noticed for myself that I must be careful to work on my negative thoughts, if not then my confidence, mood and whole outlook can become negative. It is a vicious circle because this can in turn become a self-fulfilling prophecy. I could actually talk myself into believing that I am not good enough. This kind of thinking can drag down our personal lives. It is a part of self-care to talk the talk and then walk the walk and be consistent.

"If you can talk the talk but can't walk the walk then you will look like a fool. That's the risk but with great risks come great rewards." 
Chael Sonnen

For myself, I start my day with a cup of coffee and what is on my calendar for the day. By thinking that through, I am able to find an affirmation that will help my mental outlook on how I will deal with difficult issues. It is almost like reprogramming my thinking processes. I have discovered that over time I noticed that I was thinking much more in a positive way and knew what to do to stop negativity much more quickly.

Doing the very opposite by using positive thoughts is much more helpful and can be just as powerful.
Sharing my affirmations with others helped to increase my confidence and improved my stress level. There is research that has proven that the higher our self-esteem, the more effective affirmations can be. The study did note that we need to be careful and work on not having too low of a self-esteem or else an inner conflict can occur. If self-esteem is at rock bottom then affirmations are going to take a person even lower. It is suggested to boost your own self-esteem before setting your affirmations. It is very easy to talk the talk but much more difficult to walk the walk and in the end...the walk is what matters most.

At work, I started sharing my affirmations on a colorful piece of paper by placing the note in work mailboxes. I nicknamed these 'djmilestones.' I even put one each morning on my social media page. Sometimes it was a quote from someone famous and other times it was anonymous or a Proverb. It was something that resonated within me. Others shared with me that they felt more positive when they read the quote and even placed them in strategic places in their offices. Others, that I had no idea were even looking at my social media page would personally tell me that something that I wrote gave them the courage to set their goals higher. 

For myself, I know that instead of just picturing the change that I would like to see, I needed to write it down and say it out loud. Using affirmations where I want to see a positive change take place might include raising my confidence before giving a presentation, helping to control frustration or impatience, finish up projects or overcoming a bad habit. 

The actual writing of the statement must include my thought process about whether it is credible and achievable and be in the present tense. Always say the affirmation out-loud and with feeling. 

Affirmations are positive statements that help me overcome negative thoughts. I first analyze what I want to change or improve and come up with something positive, credible and achievable. Affirmations are really so much more effective when used with other strategies such as goal setting and visualization. I tend to make post it notes around myself as reminders.

"Most people will talk the talk, few will walk the walk; be amongst those few."
Dr. Steve Maraboli



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