Sunday, June 6, 2021




The great song of The Mamas and the Papas inspired me to think about what is it that I want to plan out for my Summer. Being retired makes it a whole lot easier to go where I wanna go and do what I wanna do. Spontaneity is always fun, however, it is fun in designing my summer plans. Whatever happens in between the plans will be fine.

The first thing that I really want to accomplish is to hand my novel off to an editor before getting it to a publisher. When? By the end of this summer! In between times, I would like to work with my acrylics on the larger canvases that I purchased for painting out in my studio. Also, I have two guitars that I want to design and paint to hang on a wall or possibly sell. 

Staycation is still in my plans for a bit longer. I am not quite ready to venture out just yet on a trip. However, planning one can be just as exciting. Thinking where I would want to go with the love of my life is something fun for both of us. My idea is to plan a shorter trip first and then go for the longer one. Both can be amusing and keep us looking forward to travel again.

Since we will be at home we are planning on playing with our grandchildren, grilling out more and walking our dogs. Exercising, whether it be with the walks, or on a machine in our workout room or in the pool, it can and should be something to look forward to. 

It is always more fun for me to exercise in the pool, however, slather on sunscreen and just go out and read by the pool - so relaxing! Then of course, I must take a little break and float around lazily just resting my eyes.

Definitely, I do not want to leave out working on learning a second language.

Now, I think that you understand what I mean when I say I need to design my summer so that I can go where I wanna go and do what I wanna do. My goal is to enjoy this summer doing the things that I wanna do. Not wasting a moment of any glorious day, yet not wearing myself out trying to get it all in. I am not such an optimist that I would believe that to be possible. That is where some of the spontaneity comes in. 

For example if I want to set a goal for myself to exercise 5 days a week, then I get to choose how I want to do that. If it is a sunny day, then the pool will be calling my name and while I am out there, I could not only exercise some, but read and float around just 'chillin.' If it is a rainy day, then what a grand time to work on painting or writing. Playing with our grandchildren will involve days that they are not in a camp or perhaps a day of pre-arranged baby-sitting. It could involve going for a walk with them and our dogs if the weather cooperates.

As the day wears down, it is always a romantic time for Steve and I to just enjoy having a drink out on our patio, talking with soft jazz going on in the background and if still light, reading a little...all while our steak is filling the air with the aroma of grilling nice and slowly. 

How very true!

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