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Are you ready to play the game? Who wants to be a handyman?
First of all, I used the term handymen instead of handypeople. Probably there are some handywomen out there - I just have not run into any. In fact, there for a few weeks, I thought there was no such thing as a handyman to hire for odd jobs around the house. They seem to have disappeared. When I googled to search for some, yes, I did find some. I called and I left messages. Only two returned calls to tell me that they would call me back soon, because they were so busy. That was over a month ago. 

Maybe they don't want to do little jobs. In all fairness, I did not look up general contractors. I don't need a new room built or redesigned. I need little jobs completed. And yes, some of them, perhaps, I could YouTube how to do them. I say "perhaps" because I have tried this before. Someone told me that there was nothing to painting a room in your house. Oh really? Well, after watching a DIY video several times, I thought that I was ready. Before I finished two walls, I had streaks everywhere, and whoops, the roller slipped and got a bit of blue paint on the white ceiling, then the floor, even though a tarp was down. Not to mention that I was wearing more paint than was on the walls. I ended up having to pay a 'real' painter to clean up my mess before he could even start doing what I wanted done.

The same with hanging wallpaper. I watched, I listened, I picked out the easiest kind to match up and off to work in my kitchen I went. I had two walls done to my amazement and no wallpaper was coming down. The paste worked. I took a brief coffee break when a friend came over and took a peek. She had a look on her face that said to me that something was wrong. She asked me to move in closer to take a look at the print on the wallpaper. I did and much to my horror it was upside down. And, yes it mattered, as stems do not grow out of the top of flowers. I quickly took it down before it dried hard and the wallpaper hanger that I would hire could actually see it.
Again...DIY (Destroy It Yourself)? 

Slowly, I started to make a "to-do" list for whenever I did find a handyman. You know? If someone calls you under your advertisement and you are too busy - why not just come out and say that instead of giving me all of these excuses and telling me that you will call when you have a chance to come give me an estimate. I have wasted weeks now. Things like leaky plumbing, caulking a shower, drywall repair, patio screening repairing, fencing repairs, fresh coat of paint on some bathroom vanity cabinets and drawers, and basically just managing little details. My list is growing. 

The thing about home improvement projects is that some people can and do handle them on their own but they must have or rent the right equipment and have the knowledge of how to do it right the first time. 

The one thing that I do know as an educator is that we have failed a generation of students by taking away vocational education. Every day, the shortage in skilled trades is growing. There is no shame in not going to a 4 year college. There are wonderful 2 year programs and internships that can set up students to work in a trade. The message became that you need to have a college degree or you are a lesser individual. College or bust is not for everyone. 

We need to all get on board and teach these students who struggle with academics but shine in doing specialized skilled labor. Have you been on the receiving end of the bill for having a legitimate plumber come to your home? Many earn more than those of us who went to college for 4 - 6 years. 

To my surprise, I put out an all call to friends on my social media. I did receive two very good references. The first one that I called did call back within 24 hours, set up the appointment to come out and give an estimate on the jobs and the date when he could do them. He came highly recommended by several people so I am a bit excited. Finally, I don't think my hopes are too high. They are realistic. Just remember:

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