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There is an issue in calling it the work - life balance instead of the life - work balance. Work loads should not be taking over anyone's life. Our work does not define us. Let me rephrase that...we define who we are. If we only see ourselves as our job title then we have no balance in our life. There are books, workshops and podcasts to help guide you through it all. Perhaps if a person was so buried in the work side of his/her life, then it might be a good idea to invest in one of these methods to gain your life back again. 

Really I believe that there is a much easier way to take charge. 

  • Organize Your Schedule - it may mean to actually write down not only the important meetings that you must attend for work but include the time to run errands, school meetings or activities with your child, sleep, time for the gym or a hair appointment...all of these things are important and in your life. It is not just all about work, even if your boss wants you to believe so. There is a time and place for everyone. Scheduling breaks and time for yourself will actually help in getting more things accomplished at work. Why? Because you are a happier person, a more well-rounded individual and fun to be around. 
  • It is important to delegate responsibility. You are not Wonder Woman or Superman. It is important to know your limits. Give yourself permission to say no at times. Or at least a compromise. 
  • There has to be a "ME" time. It is called self-care and if you go too long ignoring your needs then you are going to feel as if you are doing a balancing act of spinning all of the plates in your life and they are spinning out of control.

It is important to detach yourself from your thoughts and become aware of the world around you. Sometimes all it takes is just a few minutes to close your eyes, breathe in and out and make note of how you are feeling and what can you do about getting back in control. Be aware of how you feel and be mindful. Taking a short walk and sensing what you are seeing, hearing, or smelling will sometimes do the trick.

  • If you have a significant other or a group of friends then make a date night to meet for dinner. And I might add to put the phone away. 99% of things that come in on your phone can wait. It is much more important to engage with the people around you. 
The most important guidelines to get started with making an efficient and fun life - work balance is to prioritize what is important in your life, walk away from your desk for lunch (making it a special time for yourself or share with a co-worker as long as there is no work talk), and most of all use all of your all of your allocated vacation days. Even if you are taking a day off to go to the zoo or park with a very important person (family or friend or it could be a moment for yourself?)

Not overscheduling yourself is important. No one person can do it all. If you find yourself not moving forward the way you would like to in balancing your life, believe it or not there are Life Coaches that you can talk to in order to move you along. They will believe in you, help you to remove your roadblocks that you set up in your mind, give you clarity, competence and confidence. 

 “Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.” 

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