Sunday, September 19, 2021



Being the youngest in the family does have some perks, especially if you are the most vocal one. I am Maggie Mae, a two year old Goldendoodle. The story has been told over and over that my human pets, Lola and Smiley, took my brother, Davis out to the very same breeder(the best ever) where they found Davis. This was to allow Davis to help by finding a pup in the litter who had some response and interaction with him. 

Apparently, they did even debate if Davis would love having another dog in the family or want nothing to do with the other dog. Every puppy that was brought out to Davis there was nothing happening. No fireworks. No Ka-booms. Until I arrived on the scene. We hit it off right away. He let me climb on him, pull on his tail and speaking of tails...both of our tails were wagging as if to say, "Yes, pick me!"

And I am so glad that he did. I believe it was a perfect match. Davis is rather quiet. But over time, I have taught him how to join in my barking and howling when necessary. 

Also, I believe that my Lola and I have the same blonde hair and I know that I am lucky to have the natural smoky eye effect. Don't you think? The good news is that I am the 'natural blonde' and I don't have to apply the eye shadow. Just natural coloring. Lola lets me sit with her when she is using her make-up. So glad that I don't have to do that to my eyes.

The other thing is that she is a writer and sometimes I believe that she works too hard and needs to play more with us. I have found a good way to get her attention. It works!

Some things that I like to do is get all dressed up with my fancy bows or bandanas. I love to go riding in the car or watch out the windows so that I am seen for sure. Love it when we go through Starbucks drive-thru and the baristas talk about how cute we are and give us a puppuccino. One of the local stores actually put a dog bone in the top of the cup. 

Ahhh, the wind blowing in your face. Heavenly!

I know that Davis and I have a lot of fun at Walnut Grove Doggy Daycare. We have not been in a while because Davis has a touch of inflammation in his right front paw and then he stepped on something and ended up with a puncture wound. We will be back as soon as Dr. Taylor, Lola and Smiley get him all healed. I had a little female surgery and had to wear this unbelievable collar. Wow, was I ever happy when it came off. Davis tried to help me sometimes but he always got in trouble for helping to untie it. We both can be little devils at times.

Here is a picture of the Dynamic Duo and others showing what we like to do best. I can't understand why Davis loves the water so much. Not me. He did try to teach me how to jump high for water. I just stayed further away from the hose. I do prefer to play hide and seek on the jungle gym and do flying leaps off the top slide. Davis and I pretty much stay together at Daycare but there are times I find my way around some other friends.

Just being together is the way it should be. We are a team.

We do love cuddling together and Davis will even bring pillows to me to lay my head on for a nap or cover me the best he can when he thinks I am chilled.

Sometimes, I just have to take what is available, so I don't think that I am too spoiled.

Now I do need to let you know that my brother is a blanket thief. My blankies. His crate stays open all of the time. What is his is his and what is his is mine. However, my crate must be closed when he is roaming. Why? He goes in it and takes my blankies. I love my soft blankets and pillow. If my door is left open then I must stand guard.

When I was really young, he pretended that he was guarding me. I think that he was but I know he really wanted that blanket. I guess that he did not like it when I tried to get into his food and water.

Davis has taught me about Christmas and oh how I love that. It should be coming along soon. Still there is no tree up. That is the clue, I have learned. Also, all of the stockings are put out.

The TV has become one of my favorite things to watch ever, mainly when there is a dog in the movie. That Turner and Hooch show is the best ever. The Art of Racing in the Rain is also good. Smiley watches a veterinary show with all kinds of animals. That is another favorite along with the different dogs prancing in dog shows for Best in Show. 

Then there are my girls. BG and Sky. With the pandemic it seemed like forever before I got to be with them again. Finally, with vaccinations for the grownups, it was safe to be with them again. 

When you get lucky and have a big brother who gives you the bully stick first, it is a grand feeling. He gets it in the end, one way or another. It is the thought that counts.

Somehow, I just knew that I wanted to be the lil' sis. So I stayed smaller by 30 pounds. I know that we keep Lola and Smiley entertained. Sometimes maybe a little frustrated but they seem to always smile at us and talk softly. Even over my loud barking at delivery people, squirrels, people walking or riding bikes. I have encouraged Davis to start howling like a wolf to join in a duet. Usually, it involves a brief time out. Just long enough to stop the noise. 

We belong together always. We take good care of each other, as well as Lola and Smiley.

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