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How many times has a techie told me to reboot my computer when it is not functioning properly? Well, I would be a millionaire, for sure. Now, most of the time, I remember to do this. Yet those frustrating times when I am feeling rushed, I can easily forget to do that. 

Our very own brain is our original computer. In the times that we are living in today with the pandemic and violence, I started thinking that my brain needs a reboot. It needs to be reset before I allow myself to fall into a rabbit hole of hopelessness. 

With my list making skills I started working on ways that I could go about rebooting my brain. I knew that I was already doing some things right to combat so much negativity being thrown my way. Everyone was getting it thrown their way. Close friends and family talked about it with me. We help each other out by doing check ins. Some times all it takes is a positive word from someone close. And a reminder to turn the news off. Hearing too much chatter about the same thing over and over is never a good idea. There still is some good news out there. 

Even before the pandemic I always started my day with a positive mantra. I knew that it helped to get my brain on the positive track. Just like most things in life, the brain involves both nature and nurture. Some people have the genetic code to be a constant worrier or perhaps the happy go lucky type; their family genes lean one way or the other. Not everything is programed at birth. The environment can have a great impact and alter your genes. I read a study that suggested thinking of my genes as the computer hardware and then my physical, mental and emotional environments as my software - I could see the whole picture. Even normally positive people (and I put myself in that category) can have thought processes that can be brought down if too many negative events come my way. This theory works both ways.

My list of ways to reboot my brain is to start my day with our alarm going off to the sound of wonderful music. The normal alarm clock sound is so dull and gives me no happiness in waking up and coming alive. Plus, I have the option of changing up the music. 

The very next thing that works on my software is to make coffee or even more exciting is when my very thoughtful husband brings a cup of coffee to me as I start my dressing and make up routine. However, I catch myself as not taking the time to actually close my eyes for a moment and just let my whole body indulge in this special time. I felt like it was just a ritual if I did not take a moment to smell the coffee and actually taste the flavor of what I was drinking. Positive thoughts all the way around. Perhaps even a short meditation.
Coffee has often received a bad rap. Coffee drinkers already know that it does bring on a higher alertness, but there are studies that suggest it can improve our moods and protect us from depression. In fact, regular coffee drinking has been associated with a lower risk of dementia, Alzheimer's and heart disease. I am not suggesting that anyone go overboard on coffee consumption. In fact, too much can take one over to the danger side of many other different diseases. Moderation! That is the key. 

Knowing how I get into my day after breakfast, it is a good time to do my short exercise routine. Stretching and walking, plus using my weights to work on upper body strength.

Next stage is to have a healthy breakfast. It can be a healthy protein bar for those times when I am not able to prepare food such as eggs on guacamole toast. 

Before getting into my day, I found that a way to really reboot my brain is to work on using my nondominant hand for something all day long. It really reboots if you can do it for a week. Things such as wearing your watch on the other wrist, brushing your teeth using the other hand or even eating with your opposite hand. It tends to stimulate our brains and this produces a protein whose levels drop when you're under stress but it has been proven vital to the growth of neurons linked to long-term memory and mood.

As I start my day, I like to find the perfect mantra. Usually, I post it to my social media page. It is for me, and many friends have told me it was how they were thinking also. When I worked at a school, I posted these little mantras in the teachers' mailboxes and I was shocked when teachers showed me their collection of my mantras and told me how it helped them rethink their day.

Eating a healthy lunch with veggies and other valuable nutrients is important to give my brainpower a little extra boost. Yes, a good old-fashioned hamburger is good now and then. Key words for me? NOW AND THEN!  Dr. Mindy Pelz, a nutrition health coach says that if we fix our gut then our brain will change. 

To help avoid the after lunch sluggish feeling, it is time to take a little break outside if possible. 

It is also a great time to work on a new skill. I have enjoyed painting, writing, and learning a new language. Something creative that can sometimes be woven in to what is happening at your job, such as new technical skills, redesign your office or cube, headphones on to hear a language lesson. Open your mind and if it is not possible to do at that time, then save it to do after dinner. Definitely it would be more beneficial then staring at the TV when there is nothing on to watch and enjoy. Or get creative in the kitchen with a new recipe. I have amazed myself with some of our creations that we cook together.

While dinner is baking, I like to use this time to write in my journal about how my day played out. This is not the time to write in the negative. "I should have, could have, etc." Unless I add the positive spin of how I may have handled a situation if it happens again. It is a time to sort of have a conversation with myself and to write about my gratitudes of the day. 

The process of getting ready for bed is as important as the sleep...well, almost! Getting clothes out for the next day, sitting down and taking off make-up and taking my medications and finding something comfy to wear. Sleep shirts are my favorite right now. It is crucial to have the right temperature and sounds off, as well as any blue lights. My phone charges by my bed, but with the screen face down and the sound is on mute. 

"One's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions."
Wendell Holmes

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