Sunday, October 3, 2021



This famous picture of Snoopy doing his "Happy Dance" is how I want to feel most all of the time. Is that possible? Well, not exactly. There are times that can be sad, as well they should be. There is a time for all emotions. Most of all, I need to close my eyes and think what I can do to make my life happier. I did this little trick and like most people would I be happy if I won the big Powerball? DUH! Yes, I would. Not just for me though. I would want to use it wisely to help our children and ourselves take care of the things that are always out there hanging over our heads to try to bring us down. Stuff like student loan debts, mortgages, car payments...things like these that I listed will always be there. The question is if someone could snap their fingers and all of this "stuff" would disappear would you be happier? 

We tend to forget that there is always wonder and joy surrounding us all the time. Little things that I know I can easily overlook. I bet you do too. It is the small moments that we need to focus on. 

A perfect example for me was when I went to my local coffee shop for my Keto Pink Passion Tea, the barista told me that the car in front of me had paid for it. I was shocked. 

So, I said well then, scan my card and I will pay it forward for the car behind me. I came away so happy with the feeling of being on the receiving end of my purchase but also in the giving. Little moments. If I had been at home it could have been brewing the perfect cup of coffee or tea. Or my husband bringing in the coffee that he took time to brew for me while I was dressing.

Even getting up at 6 when 8 would be so much better, it is all up to me whether I am going to be a grump or happy to see two furbabies who are so excited and happy to see me and curl up on the sofa with me. How can anyone not feel the love and happiness that they are sharing with me? Usually it is dark and I am the only one who can take the picture so you will just have to trust me on this one. Pets can bring all of us such happiness. Just pay attention. Sort of like the saying about take the time to smell the roses. These are the things that can bring you happiness.

Check out things like the stars in the clear sky, the moon in all of its phases. 

I have started taking notes of the little things that feed my soul and writing it in my journal. Remembering that  happiness is not getting everything I want. It is the ability to allow myself to take the time and energy to see what I can use to put in my happiness bank. Nothing and no one will make you feel happy except yourself. Plus, the good news is that happiness is found within ourselves. It is so much more simple than most of us believe. Happiness is a matter of believing in ourselves.

As I go through my life searching for those little things that make me happy, these rules are guidelines to becoming happier. We all have that choice.

I came across a poem written by Abimnola T. Alabi  titled The Choice Is Mine.

Life may not let me choose my lot,
But whether I'd be happy or not...
That is my choice.

To leave hurtful memories behind 
Or allow them to bother my mind...
The choice is mine.

To fret over a mistake when it's done
Or learn from it and move on...
The choice is mine.

To be bothered by all that people say
Or ignore them and go my own way...
The choice is mine.

To hide my feelings, pent up, unspoken,
Or say my mind and ease the burden...
The choice is mine.

To enjoy what I've been able to gain
Or ungratefully regard it with disdain...
The choice is mine.

Sometimes I won't get to pick my lot,
But whether I'll be happy or not...
Will always be my choice.

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